Driveway!!!!! (& FreeDrive, and crap.....)

So my account at is going to expire.
So they tell me to go to
I fill out’s rigamarole, with all this wonderful mailing-list nonsense.
Then FreeDrive says, “Oh, sorry, there was an error–this site only works with 4.0 browsers.”
Yeah, right. It’s a scam. They just want my name for their mailing list. Maybe now I can get 8 emails pitching “herbal viagra” instead of 4. Oh, and the new one! Online gambling! Oh, there’s a smart idea!!!


try :wink:

Yeah, but do you get enough from these Viagra pushers?

I get about 4 of these a day. And I don’t even have a dick!


I’ve got a FreeDrive account which I used to store my important files in my most recent reformat.

FreeDrive is not a scam.

And if you’re using a pre-4.0 browser you’ve got worse problems than spam.

I’m using IE 5.
It’s not the browser. The server just was acting up.
Anyway…I got my stuff onto FreeDrive today.

I was just really hacked off the other day.

Ahah…server glitch…Okeedoke. Probably had to do with all the DriveWay users switching over…