Driving and Voting

Answers to any of the below questions would be helpful.

Now funny thing: last week, my driver’s license somehow managed to snap in half when I was putting it in my wallet. If I tape it together again or something is it still a valid license? Can I just replace it by going to the DMV (in Georgia)? Or do I have to retake the test?

Assuming I don’t have to retake the test:
Okay, so I’m registered to vote in Georgia. I don’t want to vote for people in Georgia because I live in Massachusetts and haven’t lived in Georgia for years. But I also don’t want to retake my driver’s test. Is there a way for me to vote for Massachusetts candidates while maintaining my Georgia driver’s license as a viable driver’s license?

You can usually get a new driver’s license on the strength of your one from another state, without having to retake the test. So the simplest solution is probably just to get a Massachusetts license.

Unless you’re a non-working college student or something, you’re probably legally required to get a Massachusetts license. If you get pulled over and it becomes clear you’re working and residing in Massachusetts, you could get a pricey ticket. If you have a valid license, you shouldn’t have to take a test. It being snapped in half is no problem whatsoever, so long as they can still get the information off of it.

As for the voting, you can just register in Massachusetts assuming you have some proof of residence. They will take your Georgia driver’s license as an ID at the polls, since they only need it for the picture ID.

Unless you’re a non-working college student or something,
My situation exactly.

You are an MA resident, and MA requires you to have an MA license. You don’t get to live in one state and have a DL in another, except under certain circumstances. For instance, for many years, my legal residence was in Missouri while I actually lived in Spain, Texas, and Nevada. But that was because my husband was in the military. And even then, I couldn’t vote in any state besides Missouri, because that was my state of legal residence.

Edit: OK, so you’re a student. You’re allowed to be a resident of another state. But you still vote in the state that’s your legal residence, no matter where you live.

As noted, one state’s driver’s license is as good as any other. You might as well get one in Massachusetts. I was in a very similar situation once. I had a Louisiana driver’s license that had been washed and abused so badly that the entire back had fallen off and much of the ink on the front had run. Oh, and it was expired for over a year as well. I was in Massachusetts but I didn’t know if I was going stay but I needed a new license. I figured it was going to be some big hassle basically starting from scratch. I showed up at the DMV, handed then mine, told them I wanted a Massachusetts license. I think they made me do an eye test that they didn’t pay attention to, took my picture, made me a temporary paper license and told me how much to make the check for. A few days later, I got the real one in the mail. That was 13 years ago I am sure it is basically the same now. Just get a Massachusetts license and switch back to a Georgia one later if you end up back there.

So in order to vote in MA you’d have to become a legal resident. A legal resident of MA needs to also transfer their drivers license to a MA license.

If GA has some bizarre set up that allows licenses being maintained non-residents maybe you could get by.

For an MA license if you take up residence in another state they will suspend the MA license. This to my knowledge takes quite a long time to happen however, giving anyone leaving the state plenty of time to pursue the appropriate license of that state.