Driving me crazy!!!!

I listen to a classical radio station. The woman who dj’s in the mornings drives me crazy, but in a good way.

She has the (expletive deleted) sexiest voice I have ever heard in my entire life!!!

If I could ever hear her talk dirty, I think I would die from endorphin and hormone overload!

Does anyone else here experience similar types of situations? Do tell.

I’m in love with the afternoon drive time DJs voice on the station to which I listen. (I’ve seen his photo - I’m in love with his face, too) His voice is SO melodic and calming - perfect for relieving stress after a tough day, or being stuck in traffic.

I have seen the female dj’s photo. I was stunned because she did not look anything like how I had imagined she might; she’s African-American. I have no problem with this. It was just a surprise. You sure can’t tell by her voice.