Driving me mad

Okay I am sure this topic has come up in here before, but I am so sick of fucked up drivers I could scream!

I need a bumper sticker that says “I don’t have a gun, I have PMS get off my ass you fat fuck!”

Cut me off, I don’t care I don’t have insurance anyway

Ride my ass, I need the money when your front end meets my ass end

Turn signals are not optional equipment you freak

Weave in and out of lanes, I don’t know what the fuck you are going to do

Take your mini van and stick it up your ass tell your kids to shut the fuck up or your going to pull the car over and slap some ass…

Just because you have a truck doesn’t mean you have the right to act like a fucking bully, I used to have one too you dickhead, and it was bigger and badder than that fucking piece of shit 1/2 ton

See I have a middle finger too

You passed my ass way back there, but there you are right next to me at the freakin stop light, bet you get great gas mileage driving that way

Stop sign? Didn’t you learn that you stop on red, go on green?

Shit dude, I am already going 10 miles over the speed limit…who are you Mario Andretti? This isn’t the Indy 500

Quit playing with your hair lady, you look like a slut anyway, it’s a worthless task, get your damn hands back on the steering wheel and pay attention

I can only go as fast as the traffic ahead of me, I am not going to ride the ass of another car because your ass is in a hurry

Quit flashing your lights at me fuckbrain, I haven’t even gotten to a point to safely enter the right lane and I am going 90 in a 75 zone…fuck what’s your hurry

Turn off your damned fog lamps, it’s a clear night and I can’t see have you no fucking clue?

Read my lips F-U-C-K-U

It’s not my fault you learned your driving from “I Own the God Damned Road” driving school…

Man that feels good, thank God for this forum…and well, sorry God I took your name in vain…I am better now

Wow…bad day huh.



Not really, but this has been building for weeks now. I did have a very bad experience while driving last night and well, I felt it was time to vent my frustration at idiot drivers.

The worst thing that happened last night didn’t even happen to me. It was some bitch in a brand new minivan that cut off the Explorer in front of me. Good gawd, this lady didn’t have a clue, she didn’t just cut the other car off, she was going to switch lanes when she was about 1/2 her vehicle car length in front of the Explorer.

She had done some stupid shit earlier, but I kept my eye on her. If you can’t see an Explorer you either 1) need glasses 2) need to actually look or 3) take driving lessons.

Some asshole cut me off last night. Today some dickweed rode my ass.

My beef is that people don’t pay attention, luckily I am (what I think) a good driver. I know I do some stupid shit once in a while and I give my fellow driver a shrug and a twirly thing around my head.

BTW, I learned most of my driving skills from a friend that teaches the Colorado State Patrol to drive…they also teach teens, this program isn’t cheap, but it just ticks me off the people are so oblivious to the dangers of stupid driving.

Drinking and driving is one thing, but when you are a stupid ass driver you also endanger those around you, people don’t understand this. I am just as much in a hurry as the next guy, but I sure as hell am not going to endanger me or others on the road. I have a cell phone (which I use very sparingly in my car) and let people know if I think I am going to be late.

This is a good place to flame…even if it’s not directly at anyone, just helps to get it out.

You’re preaching to the choir, sister. Most of us spend a bit of time driving and there’s no shortage of jerks on the road.

Tailgaters bug me most, followed closely by the people that seem to take it as an affront that I actually want to get on their freeway. I deal with lots of four way stops and I don’t mind a little confusion; I’ll give. While the folks that are a little confused can irritate that’s no big deal. I really dislke the cheaters: 1) rolling stop - I dare you to hit me, and 2) I’ll just hang on the bumper of the guy ahead of me. They’ve learned they can get away with it.

Does it really matter if I merge into traffic ahead of you? There’s already 100,000 people ahead of you, anyway, and of course, you would never merge into somebody else’s lane!

Hell, as long as we’re at it: if I have a stop sign and you don’t, DON’T stop for me!

Ultimately I think you’ve just got to make clown alert your ambient state and not get competitive. Just think, “Make it work!”

Driving a cab for a few years got me in the right place to just live with the idiots.

I was kicking back thinking and realized, this probably would be better in the BBQ Pit rather than here…but maybe it fits both topics?

I am flaming, yet I am also bringing out a debate amongst people that drive…go figure

>>> “Ride my ass, I need the money when your front end meets my ass end”
Whoa! So, like, what are you doing later? I’ve just been hanging out in the safe sex forum, so like… I know what I’m doing.

(Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

My daily 35-minute commute is on a highway where people are actually well-behaved for the most part. (Which is saying something, considering that I work literally ‘within the Beltway’.) I guess I shouldn’t divulge my location; everybody might move there at once!

Yeah, tech, maybe you ought to get out of Colorado. Come to LA, California, you’ll wish you were in Colorado.


If you must push the subject, your fellow Californians are part of the problem here.

Personally, I used to make a living off those moving to our once pure state. Also, if you ever visit here, NEVER tell anyone you are from California. It’s not us natives or the long term residents that get all up in arms, it’s the transplants that seem to think that they moved here and now it’s time to shut the door to new people in our state.

Damn those people…I was here long before they decided to move there asses here, drive up pricing on rent and homeownership, and make MY roads seem like the freaking Indy 500!

Ironic - I am from L.A., recently moved to the Midwest, and would take L.A. drivers any day to the drivers where I live now. L.A. may have it’s share of “aggressive” drivers, but the drivers here are so utterly oblivious. (They literally have no clue that it is a good thing to look around to check for traffic on the freeway as they merge.) They just blithely barrel on in, never looking around to see if some huge truck is in the lane, and unable to get out of the way. (Not that the freeway traffic is obligated to “get out of the way” for merging traffic, in The Real World, it actually is the other way around!) There are a litany of complaints about the drivers here - most complaints are centered around these drivers’ inability to cope on the road (while being unaware of how inept they are) and their total disregard of other drivers.

Oh, and I love the tailgaters, and they are everywhere, in L.A., in the Midwest - everywhere. I don’t know what motivates them - the obsessive desire to not have anyone in front of them, which, of course, is futile. How many years will it take them to learn that there will ALWAYS be someone in front of them?

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This isn’t really a debate so much as a bitter complaint. As such, off to the Pit it goes.

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