Driving to London: urk. Need advice please?

I need advice on driving to, and across London, coming from the East to Victoria.

Given the current state of traffic, the congestion charge, tanks and terror alerts, plus my distinct lack of navigational ability - I feel like Joey in the London jaunt episode of Friends - not to mention throw in a large sprinkle of “little confidence = terrified” - does anyone have any hints and tips for coping with it all?

Train and coach travel would make sense, but I am unable to travel on either. I’d also be making this journey alone. I might also add that I have never done this before: I’ve been a passenger and hurtled along the outskirts, but mostly with jaw clenched and eyes shut, and this was several years ago. Naturally, whilst it might be preferable to drive with my eyes shut, if I go, I want to be able to come back in one piece. And alive. :wink:

A friend pulled up a link for me on one of the map sites, but to tell you the truth, it made little sense to me.

Anyone have any advice / suggestions, please?

To be honest - it will save you a lot of emotional pain and distress if you simply use the M25 to get around to the west of London, and then come in on the M4, which will eventually lead you right into the vicinity of Victoria - and the signposting is fairly good…

I can’t really help with the congestion charging - but I believe you can buy vouchers/daypasses at all sorts of corner shops near the boundary. The official website will have more info.


I have a corrolary question re: “congestion charge”. What does that mean?

Ken Livingstone - The Mayor of Greater London - has introduced (or will introduce, as it starts on the 17th Febuary) a £5 charge for motorists wishing to enter the centre of London in an effort to reduce trafic congestion in the city centre. Whether it will work is a matter of some debate…

The BBC’s website on the issue


From the east to Victoria is easy in directional terms - just come in on the A12 or A13 (I think they are your two option), folow the signs to Tower Bridge / Embankment and follow the river until you get to (at least) Vauxhall bridge and turn right. Victoria is just up the road and well sign posted.

But that’s the simple, directional route … when are you driving (day and time) ?


thankyoumuchly - also for the link.


this coming Wednesday - for an appointment mid morning. Too bad the congestion charges start Monday! Just my luck. heh.

I’m not coming from the east of the city of London, but from the East of the country - from the wilds of Narrrrfick - should’ve made that clearer initially.

Crystal directions would be brilliant. Silly question I guess, but I suppose parking is out of the question?