Drugs in Australian Sport. [closed duplicate]

A report by the ACC has brought about a storm in a teacup in Australia.


I recommend reading the full report which can be accessed through any of the major news sites.

I have read the whole ACC report and it is dull. Bear in mind also that some peptides are not banned by WADA.

Here are the quotes I have found in it -

“…suggested a potential threat…”

“…potentially committed anti-doping rule violations…”

“…may also be using peptides…”

“Multiple players …are suspected.”

“…possibly including peptides.”

“…possibly in breach of WADA anti-doping rules.”

“Multiple players (in one code) from a number of clubs are suspected of currently using or
having previously used peptides, which could constitute an anti-doping rule violation.”

“…levels which were possibly in breach of WADA anti-doping rules.”

“…may have resulted in match fixing.”

Unless they start naming names and clubs and banning people this report is hot air. In a years time people will have forgotten it.