Drugs in the sewage system

I’ve read that now law enforcement people are testing sewage water to find out (generally) where people are using illegal drugs and which drugs they are. I first heard of it being done in Italy, but now they’re doing it in many places in the U.S. I don’t have a cite now, but will try to get one soon…

Here 's a cite.

That would explain why the drain pipe from Jerry Garcia’s house has a street value of $10,000,000 !!! :smiley:

guizot, it’s customary when starting a thread about a column, to provide a link to that column. Yeah, it’s on the front page now, but in a few days it will sink into the depths of the Archives. So, to save search time, the link is helpful to others:
People take medications. They excrete them. What happens next? Could it affect the water supply?

I noticed that Cecil misspelled “minuscule” in the first paragraph.


Yeah, that led me to ask this in GQ


Will this put an end to homeopathy then? Since these are the same levels as homeopathic drugs claim, there is no need to buy them. Now all we have to do is drink the municipal water supply and we are golden.

endocrine disruptors are one to look at. cheers jamie

Sorry! :smack: It completely slipped my mind. Thanks for posting the link.