Drummers: Is this a paradittle?

Just a dashboard drummer, I wonder what exactly is a paradittle. I;ve heard it claimed it is self-explantory - being onomonopea-ic-ish! :smiley: But, when do you hear one? The closes example I can think of is at the end of the Styx song, “Lady”. The drum beat seems like that classic 1776 drum beat march: rat-a tat, rat-a-tat, rat-tatta-tatta-tat… (Maybe there’s a sample of this song on line, or some classic rockers have the song in their collection.)

So, is this an example of a paradittle? As a bonus question, what other drumming terms are there to describe certain rhythms? Besides “rim shot” and “drum roll”?

  • Jinx


My dad used to paradiddle on my head every time I walked by. Such is life as the daughter of a drummer.

There’s one called (I’m sure I’m spelling this wrong) “A-ratta-ma-cue”. I’d get that one on my head frequently, as well.