Drums: Terminology

I’m interested in purchasing a drum kit at some point in the future, so I’ve spent some time looking at various setups on different Web sites. I’ve found some terminology that confuses me, and I hope a drummer can explain this:

What, exactly, is the difference between a “drum kit/set” and a “shell pack”? Just going by the accompanying photos, I don’t see any difference. Is it just a matter of what terminology a particular manufacturer uses?

I’ve not heard the term “shell pack” before, but I’ll give it a stab. Is there a dramatic difference in price between a “drum kit/set” and a “shell pack”? Is the “shell pack” less expensive?

My thought is that a shell pack is a drumset without hardware. In other words, you just get a pile of drums – no stands, racks, etc. Perfectly cool, if you’ve already got compatible hardware. A total bummer if you don’t. The pictures of the shell packs probably just show a typical application, sort of like how TV dinners have a “serving suggestion” on the box.

Check out the fine print and see if hardware/stands are included. My thoughts are the same as Drum God.

Thanks - I’ll check out the fine print. I notice the term “shell pack” usually seems to be applied to Gretsch and DW drums, which is why I wondered if it was manufacturer-specific.

A “shell pack” is just the drums. It does not include pedals, stands, or the throne.

Just a thought - take a look at the Arbiter Flats drum kit.

Bearing in mind that I don’t play drums, but if I did, I would want these (well, I’d really want a digital drum set, but…). Easy to set up and pack down, transportable and (apparently) sound good.