Drunk driving assholes...

So, here’s a little story for ya. I was coming home at about 9:00 on Monday night from a frisbee game. I was making the final left turn off a major road, with traffic piled up several cars deep opposite me, waiting at the red light.

My light turned green, and I proceeded to turn. Just then,


A car had hit the back of the line of traffic waiting at the light at nearly 40 miles per hour. The truck it hit went careening into the next vehicle, etc., and the front car was flung far enough out into the intersection that I had to swerve quite suddenly to avoid it.


I got out of the intersection, and parked my car at a gas station off the road, and sprinted back across to see if everyone was OK.

The passenger door of the car that had initially hit the line of traffic (and which was now splayed crazily across both lanes) swung open, and a little girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, jumped out. She ran up to me, screaming. “I just want my mommy! I just want my mommy!”

About that time another witness to the accident came up behind me and started checking the child for injury.

I ran on to the cars. The three other drivers were already out of their cars, and checking on each other. OK. Good enough. Nobody had approached the original vehicle yet.

The entire front end was a horrible mess. The hood was standing straight up, both front tires were blown, and it was leaking antifreeze out all over the pavement.

I saw a man slumped in the front seat, the entire passenger cabin cloudy with smoke. I ran up to the driver’s window, which was smashed, and peered in. The guy looked unconscious, but I didn’t see any blood. I reached in and touched his arm. He shifted, and looked up at me blearily. I thought he was in shock, but then he breathed in my direction.

He was blind, stinking, knee-walking drunk.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, but it sure wasn’t for lack of trying. It’s unbelievable that he was driving in that state in the first place. Bad enough that he put the other drivers’ lives in danger. It’s INCONCEIVABLE that he would be driving drunk with his daughter in the car. Fortunately, the car had airbags, or else there’d have been brains splattered all over the ruins of the car’s hood: neither were wearing seat belts, of course. Pure luck that they weren’t hurt.

Words can’t describe the utter contempt, the complete jaw-grinding fury I felt while I stood there and kept the still-hammered asshole from fleeing the scene of the accident.

Oh yes, officer, I’ll be glad to be listed as an eyewitness.

Bad handle you got there - it sure isn’t you.

Take care with this.

I don’t want to scare you but I had a similar experience about 4 years ago. It involved a head on collision just up the road from home. It too involved a child. We’ll skip all the details. I DID NOT shrug this off.

Just be careful of yourself because you may find that this experience has a more profound effect on you than you would have expected.

What a shit that our humanity puts us at risk… but them’s the breaks.

Take care Ogre (chuckle).

Soon as he woke up and looked at me, and I smelled his breath, I’da knocked his ass right back out, and hopefully broke his jaw in the process. I’m sure the cops would be more than happy to blame it on the wreck.


Vengeance is mine sayeth the Homer.

Very hard to break somenone’s jaw from in front.

The best method is to strike from the side or behind and make firm contact with the lateral portion of the jaw in a forward direction.

Oh my goodness. that poor child!

Poor Ogre! I’m glad no one was hurt. (Seriously) That’s one expensive lesson there. I hope he learns it now with only material loss rather than needing more teaching with less repairable losses.

While I appreciate your sentiment, Homer, and believe me, I do, I don’t believe that would have solved anything. First of all, I would be culpable for his injuries. There were witnesses. Second, I quite honestly don’t know if I could have forced myself to stop hitting him. While roughing him up a bit might have been forgiveable in the eyes of the witnesses (and possibly even the police,) second-degree murder is another matter altogether. I was infuriated.

No, here’s what I want to say if I’m called as a witness:

“Yes, Your Honor, I was the first person on the scene. The defendant was extremely intoxicated when I found him, and he quite obviously put his daughter and the other drivers in terrible jeopardy by his actions. Frankly, some people use up all their ‘chances’ in one fell swoop, and I hope you see fit to lock him away. I know I don’t want to share the road with him. I’ve seen how he drives.”

Not that I expect to have the chance or the satisfaction, but still…

My brother was almost killed by a drunk driver. Having said that, Homer, consider this:

You’ll get 2 years for assault and battery. He’ll get 60 days for DUI with no resultant deaths.

You’ve become a criminal in giving in to your anger.

You’ve created YET another patient for the paramedics to tend.

You are in no way in a position to say if he was intoxicated. He SMELLED and LOOKED intoxicated. Mind you, I am sure you’re right. However in court?

Okay, so I pour a cup full of Glenfiddich onto my torn t-shirt cause that’s the kind of man I am. I don’t imbibe a DROP. I then am driving home, and fall asleep at the wheel, causing the accident described in the O.P. I awaken as I hit, and am horrifed by the mayhem I’ve cause, but not nearly as horrified as when this self righteous angry dangerous STRANGER comes up, hauls me out of my car and beats me senseless for the great crime of falling asleep at the wheel. He might have had one beer, and yet suffered a A) Diabetic shock, B) CVA, C) Seizure. See, you forgot to mention in your posting that you’re a Paramedic AND you carry your own personal Breathalyzer kit in the trunk.:rolleyes:

You also do a great disservice to law enforcement officers, some of whom are NOT Kojack. You think you’d not be immediately arrested for assault? Think again.

This is the United States of America. You wanna take the law into your own hands and beat the crap out of people because you woke up to find yourself judge, jury and exectutioner? Goodie for you. Move to a country where vigilantism is the norm.



…well, might as well make some use of my limited knowledge of law.

One thing about Cartooniverse’s post gave me an interesting idea. Battery. See, when a drunk driver hits you, you can get his insurance. And if the absolutely unfortunate happens, you can sue for wrongful death.

But here there were no deaths. There was, however, a battery. Lots and lots of batteries, in fact. He would be liable to every person that hit another person because of his initial collision.
Inebriation is not a defense against an intentional tort. And if anyone happened to look behind them or in their rear view mirror while he approached, it’s automatically bumped up to assault and battery.

So, if you want this guy off the streets for awhile, perhaps a multi party suit for assault and battery would do the trick. This applies to you too Ogre, because a case can certainly be made that you were assaulted by this guy.

Keep your hat on, Cartooniverse, it’s not like I actually punched out a drunk driver or anything!


I’m an insurance broker. I charge rat-bastards who have had impaired charges an additional 50% on the liability and collision portion of the auto policy, for THREE YEARS. That much is regulated by law. Plus, just because I can, I will charge them a fuckhead fee. I am totally within my rights to do this. The last one got $500 tacked on, just because he was whining.

It’s good to be Queen.

You’re despicable, Ginger. You sound just like my State Farm agent, whom, yes actually, I respect entirely.

Ahhh, Homer. Fear not, my little chocolate morsel, my hat is firmly affixed to my cranium. Herein lies the innate beauty of the SDMB. I never thought you had. I simply was responding to the words you offered. Gormy man, 2900+ posts to your name- you know how it works. The roles could have just as easily been reversed on another topic, and you could have lit into me.

I can’t say it’s all in good fun because I meant what I said, but that is SO very different than believing that you actually WOULD do such a thing.

As for Ginger of the North, all I can say is that I’m sadly disappointed that you’ve changed your sig line. :stuck_out_tongue:


Drunk driving is one of my personal, all-time worst hatreds.

The best friend I have ever had was killed by one, two months before her 22nd birthday. He happened to be her brother-in-law’s brother, and a very close friend.

They were coming back from Gulf Shores after visiting her sister and his brother. Nick and Kim had both been known for being major party animals, but Kim usually knew when to put the bottle down.

It was in the morning, about 9:00 AM, or so, and from what little I have gleaned, Nick had already been steadily drinking the night before and decided hair of the dog would be just the ticket before the long drive back to Birmingham.

They stopped to get gas before hitting the road. The owner of the shop (who was a good friend of Kim’s dad) told police that Kim and Nick were fighting over who would drive, obviously because Kim realized he was shit-faced. To this day, I have no idea why Kim backed off and let him drive, unless it was because he drove a huge conversion van, and she was really uncomfortable about driving it. Or perhaps, he convinced her he wasn’t that bad off. I really don’t know, and never will. But he did end up driving.

According to the police reports, the van was doing well over ninety when it flipped. The van rolled over twice, Kim’s head went through the passenger side window, and was crushed. She lived two hours after being helicoptered to the nearest hospital, but was for all purposes, dead before she ever got there.

He had a bruised rib and a scratch on his side.

They couldn’t even open her casket at the funeral.

About a day after the accident, a friend of ours (who happens to be a private investigator) had heard that Nick had told people they had had a blow-out.

All four tires were intact.

Nothing was ever done to Nick for this crime. He didn’t even have to pay so much as a speeding ticket. Kim’s family got MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) involved. For some reason, when they heard Nick’s family name (quite a wealthy family, btw) they lost complete interest in pursuing the matter. One of the big wigs at MADD who was supposedly going to “help send that murderer to jail” never even showed up for the trial.

I like to think had that happened nowadays (this occurred in 1983) that things may have gone differently. At the very least I would have liked to have seen him do community service; at the most I would have liked to see him rot in jail for about twenty years for manslaughter.

Last I heard, he was still a drunk, and still driving.

Yeah, you could say I would have been perfectly content if you, Ogre had punched out that guy’s lights. I’d have paid to watch you do it.

While I’m certainly glad the little girl’s airbag worked and she wasn’t injured, I wouldn’t call it fortuante that this man survived.

I’d go so far as to say it’s a damn shame.

Cartooniverse, you have oft proven yourself a respectable poster, and you have now proven yourself a worthy adversary, as well. I shall eat a garlic croissant dipped in a spicy marinara sauce in your honor. Mmmmm… garlic croissant… :smiley: