Drunkesian on leave of absence from USC

Man this guy has a problem. Drunk at a booster dinner and now coming out that he was drunk during the ASU game and drunk during meetings yesterday. And to top it off, UW says they’re not surprised that all of this is coming out. My question is if he if fired for being a drunkard especially during games and team activities, does he get any payoff or is his contract terminated immediately.

Alcohol use is very common in the football world; the issue people care about is losing games.

Info here

He’s now fired.


Since no one forced the alcohol down his throat, he brought this on himself. He’s still making more than I will for being a losing drunk ex coach.

We shoulda kept Coach O to begin with. :mad:

Back to the drawing board.

Man that’s tough love. Fire the guy if you need to, but having him executed seems harsh.

First the cheater and then the drunk. Which Trojan could possibly follow? OJ Simpson?

You guys are talking like Sarkisian is a well known drunk. Any stories that you can point to from the past?

Read any of the stories…he was a known drunk at Washington.

None of the stories I have seen mention this. Can you please link one or two?

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there well played, wolfman!

I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember the coach’s name, but USC just got rid of Lane Kiffin 2 years ago by calling him off the team bus at the airport and firing him. So that’s 2 notorious firings in under 24 months for the Trojans. Are there larger issues with the school’s football program that have led to these 2 high profile incidents?

Here’s the L.A. Times.

Looks like the problem is Pat Haden, doesn’t it?

Pretty much. He is a smart man and well respected at USC. However, he is a terrible AD and needs to be replaced by somebody who knows the actual job.

Haden was not AD when Kiffin was hired, but I believe his input was considered.

Just how? He took the appropriate steps the first time Sark’s alcoholism became obvious. What do you think he should have done differently?

Not hired him. It wasn’t a secret.

And not fired Orgeron, and not hired Kiffin.


Anybody that would spend $5 for a Coors Lite deserves to be fired and probably should seek mental health care!

Can’t find a linkable cite, but apparently Mique Juarez has become the third Trojan recruit, and the first 5-star, to decommit.

happy dance*