DS: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: EOT or Phantasy Star 0?

I realised that I don’t have any action games on my DS - they’re mostly puzzle games or music games (list below for the curious).

Meteos grinding is really addictive and all (trying for more than 100,000 meteos!), but I feel like trying something new. I’ve briefly tried Phantasy Star on the Dreamcast (liked it) but I’ve never really played any Final Fantasy.

I’d actually really like to have some good character customisation options, sort of like City of Heroes (which I loooooooved) if possible. I understand that some limited character customisation is possible with both games, but I don’t know how much.

So, reccomendations anyone?

Current list of games ranked by favouriteness:
Meteos - A+
The World Ends With You - A
Rythym Heaven - B
Elite Beat Agents - B
Disgaea - B-
Scribblenauts (blech) - D+