best playstation games

OK, so I just bought a Playstation 2 on thursday (go ahead and hate me). And no, I didn’t pay upwards of $700 for it on ebay, I got it the normal way. Standing in a big-ass long line in the cold for hours.

Anyway, I haven’t had a console in years. Last console game I bought was probably Final Fantasy. One. I’ve mostly been playing computer games since, but as I needed a DVD player and should reacquaint myself with the console game market, I got a PS2.

So what are the best Playstation games out there?

I’ve heard really good things about Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and the Final Fantasies, but not much else.

Mostly I like plot driven games, like the LucasArts adventure games for example, and I’d probably never buy a fighting game because I’m not a fan of the genre, but I’d like to hear what your favorites in all genres are.

I’m currently addicted - to the point of social and mental retardation - on Front Mission 3. Giant robots, a strong story (that has, much to my joy and chagrin, two almost completely different branches), a fun game engine, and RPG elements to boot. It pisses me off, this game is so good…

If you like sports games, then Madden 2001 is very cool. I just bought the PSX-2 version and have played the hell out of it all weekend.

I also like the Xena Warrior Princess game (it is PSX game). It is fun to play, but is very easy and I will probably finish it very soon (I just got it last week).

I really like the TombRaider games - lots of puzzle-solving combined with blazing guns.

Metal Gear Solid is another good one. It’s the only game to ever have elicited an emotional response from me (specifically, the second scene with Sniper Wolf.) It’s a little chatty though - lots of talking and long movies between levels.

Yes, I do hate you. But it will pass. Maybe.

My honor roll of Playstation games (we are talking PS1, here. Right?) includes:[ul][li]Syphon Filter - It’s got it all. Stealth and sniping balanced nicely by crazy runnin’ shoot 'em up. And I love the grenade launcher. But Damn, do I hate that helicopter.[/li][li]Gran Turismo 1 and 2 - Wow. Licensed cars from dozens of manufacturers, a killer simulation mode in which you win prize money to soup up your cars, and a great arcade two-player game to boot. The 1969 Ford GT40 makes me swoon.[/li][li]Soviet Strike The first game I bought when I got my PS. Loads of rocket launching, chain-gunning fun. “Evil helicopter! Aaiieee!”[/li][li]Spyro the Dragon - I bought it for my 5 year old son, and I like it just as much as he does. Yeah, it’s cutesy, but it is a blast to play.[/li][li]Metal Gear Solid - The only complanint is that it is too short. Otherwise, I can’t say enough.[/li][li]Driver - Outrunning cop cars and smashing into everything in your path. What a gas. The Survival mini-game is an absolute hoot, especially if you can last more than one minute.[/ul][/li]
Jeeze, now I’m all worked up and I don’t get off work for another two hours…

Let’s not forget Chrono Cross

Other Non-RPG games I liked:

Ape Escape - I was surprised at how much fun this game is. Catch the time traveling monkeys.

Ace Combat 3 - Fun flying/dogfight game.

Street Fighter Super Mondo Ex Alpha Plus - Okay it’s not the real title, but I find the Street Fighter series to be the only fighting game I enjoy. Just beating up on the computer on easy mode makes you feel better.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Life would be meaningless with the existence of these two games.

Wipeout XL, awesome graphics, gameplay, and music
Resident Evil, to cool. zombies and lickers!
Tekken, excellent one on one fighter
Syphon Filter, strategy - fighter
Metal Gear Solid, I laughed so hard ketchup came out my nose. (i agree, bottle, to short)
GT, the best driver

[list][li]Syphon Filter I&II Top class shoot’em up.[/li][li]Gran Turismo II The best racing game.[/li][li]Tomb Raider I & IV The 2nd and 3rd were just annoying.[/li][li]Ape Escape Really great game in the Mario 3d vain.[/li][li]Manic Maniacs A really silly racing game but soooo much fun when multi-tapped with drunken friends.[/li]Medal of Honour A really good shoot’em up which brings you back to WWII. One of the blurbs for this game was “The game that puts the fun back into killing Nazi’s

So Jack…

Is this a typo or are you saying that your life is truly meaningless?

Wow, thanks. I was sitting here typing that in and as soon as I hit submit -POOF- I ceased to exist.
Then you came along and pointed out my obvious typo, and here I am again. Phew, that was a close call.

Yes, life would be meaningless without these two games.

Well, I know you mentioned the Final Fantasies in your post, but I can’t emphasize this enough.

THESE GAMES ROCK, especially with regards to plot.

Final Fantasy VII was one of the games that helped make Playstation so popular. VIII is just as good an highly worth it.

Better yet, on November 14, Final Fantasy IX comes out, so you could get that one. These games are beautiful to behold, and have the ability to pull true emotion from the player. I highly, and I mean highly, recommend them.

If you really like plot-driven games with little shoot-em-up, let me recommend X files. I’ve never seen the show (why am I hearing this enormous gasping sound?), but the game took me a couple of months to get through. There’s a bit of fast-reaction stuff involved, but most of it’s evidence collection and deduction.

Spyro The dragon, and any sequals. Wonderfully fun and challenging to play.

Medievil: Funny and fun, with the only music I have ever actually liked in a game.

Gran Turismo is quite the challenge on the license tests.

Einhander: Side-scrolling 3d shoot-em-up. The fun of an old 80’s game with modern graphics, a rare combination today.

Most of my recommendations have already been covered (Einhander, Ape Escape, Gran Turismo, Wipeout, Tony Hawk, Medevil, Metal Gear) but let me add the following:

Castlevania (2D still!), Rage Racer (racer), Rayman 2 (3d platformer), Soul Edge (fighter), Sled Storm (snowmobile racing), Skullmonkeys (platformer), the Parappas (genre undefineable), and Bust A Groove (dancing game). There’s plently more but those come to mind quickly.

I must be the only person who didn’t like Final Fantasy 7- It had none of the charm of its earlier brethren (even more so with FF8) and the fun got old after disc 1. Hours of breeding Chocobos- ugh.

Most of the PSX1 games look crappy on the PSX2, that’s what I read today. Longer load times, blank screens.

The only psx1 game I have is FFVIII which I played a little on the computer with the demo of Bleem. It looked pretty blocky so I guess its better on a tv…

Final Fantasy Tactics – By far the most interesting plot of any game. Ever. Plus, the battle system is really fun.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – A truly excellent Metroid-style game with one of the coolest heroes from any video game. Hours of heroic undead fun.

The best PS games EVER:

Resident Evil 2
NFL Blitz
Colin McRae Rally
Metal Gear Solid
Street Fighter Alpha 3
NHL Rock the Rink

My favorites:

Doom. On a big-screen TV and a loud stereo, at night, with all the lights out and that creepy music playing… brrrrrr. The first game I ever played that actually scared me.
Twisted Metal. Put your road rage to good use.
The Crash Bandicoot series. Crash Team Racing is tons o’ fun.
Medal of Honor.
Final Fantasy VII.
Resident Evil, I and II.