DSK uses Berlusconi defense in his new book: "Hookers? Me? No, I just visited bunga bunga parties".

Dominique Strauss Kahn, the man who might have become the next French president if he hadn’t been accused of rape by two women, has a book outwritten by a friend and biographer to tell his side of the story.

Not having read the book, I did read that he admits to visiting " swinger parties". Many of the attending women, young and looking like models, were presented as the “wives” or " secretaries" of the men attending. So, the French version of Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties.
I guess I just wonder if both DSK and Berlusconi were actually narcisstic enough to believe that just because they never were directly billed, the women threw themselves at them because they were so handsome and so powerful. Come on; if you are that politically savvy, you know a party with hookers when you see one, no? Are their egos that fragile that they don’t believe they had to pay for sex?

I really love how honest this guy is.

I wish American politicians could display this same kind of honesty, and, indeed, that American society would accept it the way French society does. Americans are so full of shit and contradictions when it comes to sex. We expect our politicians to be Mr. Monogamy 100% of the time, and it’s BS.

I guess if there were a Swedish version, someone would be unga bunga bunga in Inga’s binga bunga.

I don’t have a problem with a politician having a sex life, even an extra-marital one, some of your best presidents have had affairs and/or mistresses. This does not excuse abuse of the kind DSK inflicted on Tristane Banon and may have inflicted on the Sofitel chambermaid.

I don’t know about the French, but the Dutch don’t love the “liberal” sex style in their politicians, either. Especially the use of prostitutes, and especially if it wasn’t clear if the prostitutes were in it of their own free will and if the taxpayer didn’t foot the bill.

Rob Oudkerk, a member of Dutch parliament, faced political ruin five years ago when he bragged about his visits to street hookers.

Not surprising to me. From everything I’ve read and heard about Dutch culture, it’s actually pretty conservative. In fact, the Dutch are sick of their country’s reputation as a party place for American tourists, and starting to crack down. It’s usually the Catholic countries that are the most libertine, really.

DSK needs to be more creative in his explanations - like former Iowa Senator Roger Jepsen, who got caught having patronized a house of prostitution, but defended himself on the grounds that he thought it was a health spa.

His initial denial and subsequent excuses can be summarized as “I didn’t do it, there’s nothing wrong with it, and God has forgiven me.”*

*as contrasted with the famous Bart Simpson progression: “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me, you can’t prove a thing.”

So Jackmannii, you think DSK knows he visited hookers, but just doesn’t want to admit it? My idea was that he (and Berlusconi) actually believed they slept with volunteering women who were either either power groupies or just trying to sleep their way up.

But nobody in Holland had any problems with Pim Fortuyn visiting darkrooms at gayclubs

Is there a popular opinion that street hookers aren’t in it of their own free will in Holland? What prostitutes are considered to be in it of their own free will?

True. For three reasons, IMHO:

  1. Pim Fortuyn was open about it from the start; there was never any juicy secret or news scoop;
  2. It was all consensual, nobody paid anyone anything
  3. Nobody paid anyone anything on the tax-payers dime.
  4. Being a flamboyant gay was part of Fortuyns identity from the start. Even the darkrooms surprised no-one.

It is commonly understood that there are different classes of hookers. Some are in it out free will and of sound mind, and they do have alternatives. Some don’t because they are either addicted or victim of human trafficking. Oudkerk visited addicted streetwalkers, and that was held against him.