What's so horrible about sex?

Mike Duvall ® resigned after bragging about some sexual encounters, not the first or last to be having an affair I’m sure. Bill Clinton was of course the most famous one in recent history, but although I can’t remember many of them, I’m pretty sure a lot more on national and municipal levels have resigned after getting found out. My question is, why are they forced to resign?

I mean really, as long as they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, why does anyone other than their partner care who or what they’re sticking their penises in?

Why would getting a blowjob, spanking a mistress or dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex disqualify you from public office? I would guess that at least half of all people who have ever been in a relationship have cheated. Why is it such a big deal to the public? And if it’s such a big deal, why does it only apply to people in public office? Why don’t people boycott Company X if their chairman is found out to be fooling around?

And if (let’s say) half of people cheat, I can only assume that figures rises drastically if you add factors like: Travels a lot, meets a lot of people and has influence/money. I mean really, if every person in congress who had ever cheated resigned, how many would be left? And would they be representative?

He built his career on promoting ‘family values’ and denying marriage rights to those dirty, sinful gays. His public shaming stems more from his hypocrisy than the acts themselves, as seems to be the case with most of these scandals. Don’t recall any cases of single (or homosexual and out of the closet) politicians who don’t tout abstinence bragging about consensual, legal sexual encounters and having it ruin them.

Pretty much any time someone quits after an affair, it’s because they were someone who got elected with the “family values” schtick. Clinton squeeked by because he never pretended to be religious or fundamentalist.

If Bush Jr was caught in some kind of illicit sex stuff, he would probably be in much deeper trouble.

It’s not the sex, it’s the hypocrisy.

The point is that this particular hypocrisy is accepted and practised by half the population. Does anyone expect anyone to be upfront about cheating? How does that work?

I think it’s hypocritical to be upset about this particular hypocrisy.

If someone is willing to lie to and betray their own spouse to get something as insignificant as some extra sex on the side, is there any reason to believe they’d refrain from lying to people they don’t supposedly care for?


Ridiculous argument IMO. Hitler never cheated (afaik), JFK was notorious. Which is the preferred political leader?

Wow. Only took 6 posts.

Umm…Bill Clinton never resigned. And indeed, plenty of politicians have survived adultary related scandals. Usually they only get shown the door if there’s something beyond just infidelity that is part of the scandal. Even family values candidates can sometimes survive infidelity scandals, Senator Vitter of Lousiana, who was caught not only having sex but illegal prostitute sex, and is still serving (though its complicated his run for re-election next cycle).

And Hitler was only married for one day before they killed themselves, I’m not sure he gets credit for not cheating on his wife.

But a relevant one in this case, since the “if they cheat on their marriage how can you trust them” argument popped up. I see no evidence that marital fidelity and good leadership ( or other aspects of morality in general ) have any connection either way.

I don’t think it’s about morality so much as it is about impulse control. I value impulse control very highly–it’s not about being a “good person”, it’s about being competent, and I tend to feel like people that can’t delay gratification are overall less competent than people who can.

I have a lot of trouble respecting someone who can’t control themselves when tempted and who can’t take the long view, and I’d rather not vote for someone whom I do not respect ( I still might vote for such a person, but it’d be a matter of voting against the opposition.)

I would have no trouble voting for a candidate that’s unfaithful to their spouse, cheating in a marriage is peanuts compared to what you have to do to succeed in politics. Good politicians and faithful wives/husbands are not the same set of people. My WAG would be that they are almost mutually exclusive sets.

I think for me the real relevance come in when you consider that, allegedly, one of them was a lobbyist for a utility company that has business before his committee.

On a slightly different note, I don’t remember extra-marital affairs being a terribly big deal until Kenneth Star tried to use it to dethrone Clinton.

But I’m also fairly young, Canadian and personaly incapable of imagining Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon or LBJ pulling a whole lot of tail despite holding high office.

Damnit, I hoped it would take longer for someone to note this.

But OK, I concede that there are politicians that are caught and who keep on politicking. But there’s no deying the “moral outrage” and the calls for impeachment after Vill got his knob polished.

Der Trihs put it more eloquently than me. Is there any evidence that marital fidelity and good leadership is related?

I propose there is not. And in fact, I would even propose that most strong leaders seem to have a strong libido as well. And any strong leader (assuming it is a male) due to the nature of these things will basically have pussy thrown at him left, right and center.

So assuming that the “average” person has a 50% probability of being a cheater, add “strong libido” and then put women bending over backwards (literally) to get in touch with that libido, and what sort of probability do you have for a maritally faithful leader?
Another problem here, I think, is that it breeds hypocrisy. By demanding your leaders to be perfect, you ensure that you’re lead by hypocrites. And then you complain about it.

Oh… to be young and innocent again. I assure you, if you’re POTUS you will pull more tail than you, me and the SDMB put together, even if you look like Marty Feldman.

I don’t know what’s the big deal, but some people are maniacally attached to their sex hangups.

You’ve heard about Bob McDonnell, candidate for governor of Virginia? The Economist had a little blurb about his law-school graduate thesis which has come back to bite him in the ass:

It isn’t just political grandstanding to impress some imagined religious demographic- people really believe that you deserve to be punished for having the ‘wrong’ kind of sex life, even if there isn’t cheating involved. To some people, sex makes you bad. Very bad.

I guess the ‘big deal’ is that throwing a hissie over the latest sex scandal is a way for some people to maintain the fantasy that this is a theocracy.

Well in the case of NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, he made sort of a big deal about upholding the law while he was spending thousands on a prostitute. It sort of diminishes his credibility a bit.

You do realize Ronald Reagan was a movie star, right?

There was also a theory (in the old days) that a leader who had a messy personal life was more easily blackmailed, which would make him/her an ineffective leader. I guess this doesn’t really hold water if infidelity is not considered a career ender.

But Hitler did a lot of things in just one day: invade Czechoslovakia, invade Austria, invade Poland. I mean, if you can over-run a country in just one day, cheating on your wife in just one day is nothing.

But (der Führer aside), infidelity is nothing except in context. If it’s from a politician that espouses “family values”, I wonder what those values mean to him; if it’s Bill Clinton, I hope that Hillary told him how stupid he was, but I don’t think that it contradicted those values that he (and I) supported. Bill was an idiot, but tht didn’t stop him being the best person to run the US at the time.

Possibly, but when he married Eva Braun, Hitler was barricaded in his bunker with little if any privacy. It wasn’t really the time for sex. (Plus, the invasion of Poland actually took several weeks. The invasions of Austria and Czechoslovakia were done without bullets being fired, but even in these cases I’d wager it took more than a single day.)

I guess my post was mostly irrelevant to the OP’s question. Carry on.

I mostly know that - Ford though eesh! - I meant it to be a little tongue in cheek :slight_smile:

Spitzer broke the law, aside from his, “law and order” stance and attendant hypocrisy, and the fact that he was NY’s Attorney General (so law was kinda relevant to his position) he broke the law that’s often enough to get you tossed.

This guy (I’m stunned I’m the only one who has pointed this out) allegedly slept with a lobbyist, who represented a company that was coming before a committee he was on. I don’t know about America but I’m pretty sure here we would use terms like conflict of interest and betrayal of the public trust.

Reagan was a movie star? :smack: Boy do I feel like a Bonzo now.