So the governor of South Carolina is MISSING?

How is thisplaying in South Carolina? Is it normal for Sanford just to up and vanish for a few days? It seems kind of weird for the governor to take off without telling even his wife where he’s going.

What the hell…?:eek::confused::eek:

I know his family well, brother was in my high school class (we were two of 36 in the class). On the grand scale of things in the Sanford family, no, this is not all that weird. Very nice people, no doubt. (I don’t know his wife and kids, only his siblings and mom.)

Let’s hope it is something like writing his memoirs and everything is OK and he didn’t do a Harold Holt.

I hope nothing’s wrong, but if Sanford is as private as he says he is, it could easily be nothing.

The office of the Governor has told the office of the Lt. Governor that he has been located and he is fine. Even his wife was not concerned.

I know his brothers are private pilots, he may also be.

His wife was quoted as saying he disappeared because he needed to get away from the kids. Ouch! I hope the older ones aren’t watching any news reports. “Your father disappeared because of you!”

I think that pretty much wins “worst father AND governor of the year award” if it’s true.

“So you abandoned the entire state because of your kids?”

I’ll quote the Washington Post:

Some kids just make too big a deal out of Father’s Day. You practically have to take a day off to recover from all the celebrating.

The kids should take an example from me. One day my father lost it and yelled that he wished us kids had never been born. My mother started in on how cruel it was to say that and I just said “It’s too late to put us back!”

He went hiking.

No, seriously. He went hiking.

Maybe. The assorted stories seem to be quite disparate and borderline contradictory.

Initially, the governor’s office said he decided to “recharge” after the legislative session, and had decided to “work on a couple of projects that have fallen by the wayside.” His wife said she didn’t know where her husband was, but said he needed some time away “to write something.” And now he’s gone hiking on the AT, but his office doesn’t have any awareness of where on the 3000-mile trail, or whether he was by himself or with hiking companions.

But the SC Lt Gov has been inquiring as to his whereabouts, he didn’t transfer any authority to deal with any emergencies (and five days is quite enough time for an emergency requiring the governor’s attention to spring up - tornadoes, anyone?), and clearly someone was concerned enough to pull his cell phone records.

Hopefully he’s safe - and I’m assuming he is, because those closest to him don’t seem particularly concerned - but there’s a definite aura of weirdness about this story. The governor of a state goes off for several days, completely disappearing from view, can’t be contacted, leaving nobody in charge. Assuming he’s fine, this is tremendously irresponsible.

And over Father’s Day, no less? :dubious:

Nobody’s really all that worried. I think it’s because they haven’t really contemplated the idea of Governor Bauer, but it’s not like we’d miss Sanford all that much.

Two words: Face lift

He has a brother and nephew that he doesn’t talk about much in the “used commodoties” business. With the recession, they’ve been having more business than they can stand, and he’s been helping to drive the truck.

I’m thinking sex tourism in the far east.

Has he been putting on weight? Maybe he’s secretly giving birth.

Now we know- it was Naked Hiking Day! You just can’t make this stuff up.