dsl modem help needed!

last night on a suggestion from a friend i set my speedstream 5660 dsl modem to bridge mode to try to correct a connection problem i was having… needless to say it didnt work, and made the problem worse… i now have no internet connection AND cant acess the modem through the default ip of so how can i get into the modem and restore the previous settings or at leasat gain access to the intenet through it? posting from a library and really miss my chair…

Why don’t you just remove the connections and put them back on?

Normally, I’d try to give you some things to try, but given the situation, it would probably be in your best interest to go home and call the tech support number for you DSL provider. It will be a lot faster than running back and forth between your home and the library trying various suggestions which may or may not work. One thing you can try, if you have Win 2k, NT or XP: use the system restore to roll back to the last restore point BEFORE you changed your modem settings. If this doesn’t work, then call tech support.

The Speedstream should have come with a serial management cable. You should be able to use it to access settings through Hyperterminal. You won’t be able to get to the Internet with it, but you might be able to restore your previous configuration.

I may have mis understood the OP. If it’s a question of settings in the modem, then try this instead of what I posted.

I found how to reset the modem from bridge mode, so you can asccess the configuration

After Step #10, the procedure will be different, depending on your ISP and modem model. Good luck!

yay i got back online! i had to manually set my ip address to the default pc adress that the modem uses in bridge mode so the modem was and the computer was manually set as then i could get to the modem but not the internet… reset the modem to router mode and voila!
now to just figure out how to PROPERLY set up my network for efficent bittorrent traffic… i believe that should be a diffrent thread though.