DSLR Dashboard App

Anyone using this? What do you think of it?

Are all the features working for you?

Pros? Cons?

What is your set up? (Tablet/phone - cord/wireless - Camera model)

Maybe I’m the first one here trying it!

I couldn’t get it to synch up to my camera. Waiting for a reply on the app developer web forum. The thread about this app has about 120 pages so far.

Final word from me:

Tried it on a jelly bean running android, Nikon D3200, and wu-1 adapter. Tho I could make the adapter run on my android, laptop (Win7), and desktop Win XP pro) with Nikon’s software, could only access the camera once thru DSLR dashboard. And even then, it only let me see what Nikon’s own app allowed.

It was supposed to give me Live View, bracketing, and all camera level adjustments remotely. The bracketing alone would’ve been nice, giving me my D90 and D5000 capability with the 24MP raw files.

Oh well, it was a good try. Canon users have a nice option with dslrcontroller. All my Canon friends who have it like it a lot.

Any one find anything else? I’ll open it up for any brand of DSLR or ILC to be controlled via a tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

Note, I’m not talking about a simple remote shutter release. Lots of apps for phones and tablets for that. I’m talking about full or close to full control of settings. Some pro cameras have those options, but we are talking multi thousands of dollars for a set up.