DSM-V Renames Gender Identity Disorder 'Gender Dysphoria'. What impact on ins. coverage for surgery?

DSM-V To Rename Gender Identity Disorder ‘Gender Dysphoria’

Per the article “disphoria” (a temporary state) is less loader than “disorder” which implies a more permanent affliction. The flip side is that insurance carriers (per the article) are less likely to cut checks for disphorias vs disorders.

This article was in July 2012. How has this coverage issue panned out?

It’s not really as big an issue as people outside the community believe it is. Pretty much any employer who won’t cover you before won’t cover you now, and those who covered it before will still cover it now. Debate has raged since last year on whether this is a good or slightly bad thing, with IMO, most commentators feeling that it’s a very good thing.

Wouldn’t the main factor in this being “temporary” be the fact that it can be treated? People who think it’s some sort of “phase” don’t do it based on which greek roots are being used to call it, but on their own prejudices - changing the greek doesn’t change their prejudices and emphasizes the treatability.

This is about 100% accurate. Been working in the health insurance industry for almost 20 years and, for the time being, this is how it is.