Dual Monitor help

I am running XP with a GeForce 8400 graphics card and two 22 inch LCD monitors - one connected via DVI and the other AVI. It has this annoying thing where if I maximize (full screen) certain videos and click on my other screen it minimizes (partial screen) the video. For instance, if I maximize a youtube video and then clock on the other screen the youtube video on the OTHER screen minimizes. Even movies in Windows Media Player will do it if I have it maximized and then click on my desktop. NOTE:

  • Youtube video requires simply clicking on other monitor
  • Windows media player requires click on desktop
  • Playing videos only plays on half at a time. I can’t put half the video on one monitor and half on the other monitor. The whole video has to be on only one monitor at a time. My computer at work allows this.

Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to stop it? My dual monitors at work certainly don’t have this behavior. Please let me know if you need any information. Thanks for the help!

I am sorry for my confusing terminology in the OP. When I am saying “maximize” I really mean I make the video full screen. When I say minimize I mean the video is not full screen.

I get this too: I think it’s something to do with DirectX.

I don’t know what your asking, or describing here. Add in the fact your talking about video playback interfaced with java script and other means for web sites, everything becomes worse. I’ll make some statements and you can maybe make a better defined problem. This is for your video card. You can set a dual monitor to act in these ways.

  1. Single Display
  2. Clone - Each monitor displays the same thing.
  3. Horizontal Span - The monitors have the active desktop stretched across both. Full screen video would play on half of each monitor.
  4. Vertical Span - The monitors have the active desktop stretched across both. Full screen video would play on half of each monitor.
  5. Dualview - Each monitor is it’s own window. This is the most versatile one. The setting in other area’s will affect it’s behavior the most too. Video will play on one monitor or the other in full screen mode, unless you check off allow applications to span between monitors. That one little setting can mess up a lot of behaviors.

Maybe this helped or not, but there you go. I know how to set the card up to do what I want using dual monitors, and half the youtube stuff doesn’t play back right, and that’s the nature of the media, and the crappy applications out there trying to say how you will watch them.

If you full-screen - not maximise - a video in Media Player or Youtube or whatever and then click on the other monior, the video will lose focus and revert to its previous windowed state.

Yeah, Quartz. That’s exactly what is happening. Harmonious Discord, I have tried adjusting to all the different modes you have there and it’s not exactly what I am looking for. Dial View is what I would like, but I would like to get rid of the weird video playback thing Quartz describes (admittingly better than I did in my OP)

Thanks for help.

As soon as you click on a different application the flash player always leaves full screen. I hate that player.

The divx player required for stage6 works great, but they’re not trying to restrict your viewing options.