nVidia Dual Display Headache

Hey all.

I picked up an extra monitor, and since I have a dual head display card I decided to go for a dual display on my home PC. I’ve set up such things a bunch of times before, but now I’m having problems on my own home PC.

Normally, if I have a window (like Firefox, right here) and I’ll drag it over to either the left or right monitor. Then I double-click and it will fill one of the two monitors. That’s normal. That’s what I’m expecting.

Instead, what I get is a window (Firefox, Adobe, anything, any program at all) that is spread between the two monitors. Now, you might not think that is so bad, but try reading a PDF that’s split between two monitors with a pair of bezels down the middle.

Total pain in the ass. I’ve got an nVidia 8600GT, and I’m using their utility to do it. Unlike most of the stuff I’ve dealt with, I can’t just do it through Windows, I need to do it through their utility. Their utility can give me a clone, an over-under or a side by side.

I see references to “dualview” in addition to “spanning”, but I don’t have “dualview” as an option anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?


Which OS do you have? I do mine on XP every day on my work computer but I have Vista on my new home computer.

On XP, you just select the Display option in the Control Panel and select options (it may be called Advance) until you see monitor 1 and 2 displayed on a screen with one big monitor and one smaller monitor as icons. There is a check box just below them that says something like “Extend My Desktop”.

Take the above as the spirit of what to do. I don’t have XP in front of me assuming that is what you use.

Yeah, that’s what I always do.

Apparently I just needed to download a later version of the drivers, and that did it. Oops. Why that functionality wasn’t in the originals, I can’t even guess.