Dual displays in Win7

So, I’ve actually got a legitimate copy of Win 7 Ultimate that a coworker won in a contest.

I’ve got a Geforce GTX 275 with two monitors attached. The problem I have is that when I boot I never know if I’ll have one monitor, two monitors, or no monitors. Typically, this can be resolved by hitting “detect” in the display properties. Unless there’s no monitors, in which case it’ll generally be fixed by unplugging one of the DVI cable and reconnecting it. This’ll generally get me to one working monitor, at which point I can run the display setup, etc.

However, now it’s happening just as I’m sitting here working. Seriously damned irritating.

This was an issue on the Win7 beta, but I kind of figured it would get resolved with a new, full version.


Anyone have any suggestions?


Are they hooked up via VGA Analog or DVI? (or a DVI to VGA Converter?)
I’m running Win 7 64 at home, with an Nvidia 295 (BFG) at home, with no issues, but on DVI.
Of course, there is the obvious thing as well, are you using current drivers for Win 7 and that card?

I’ve got various Geforce 8x00 graphics cards which run dual monitors without a hitch on Windows 7.

Which version of the Nvidia driver are you using?

Did you upgrade from the Beta or is this a clean install?

We’ve got a building full of Win7 with dual monitors and a wide variety of midrange 2-monitor vid cards. We have no issues like yours on any machine.

I’m betting youve got bad drivers or a mismatch between the vid configs set by Win7 vs. the configs set in the vid card’s specific setup UI gizmo.

The only thing I can think of that hasn’t already been mentioned is to try different cables.