Dual monitor wallpaper.

I have just had dual monitors installed at work (and yes, it totally rocks :cool: ) but I am looking for some wallpaper that will cover both monitors. At the moment, the only wallpaper I can find are images which are duplicated on each screen. The monitors are 19” and the resolution is 1280 x 1024 so I need a pretty big image.

If anyone can recommend a website where I might be able to find some wallpaper please let me know.

Hurrican Floyd

Digital Blasphemy has a cool selection of double-wide desktop backgrounds. You have to pay for some of them, though.

I’m fairly certain you can simply splice two images together.

I’m not sure since Ultramon does it for me. Ultramon is a multi-monitor management utility. I fully recommend it.

I’ve only had multiple-monitor setups on Macs. Never even so much as sat in front of a PC with multiple monitors.

Does the PC “Wallpaper” option let you, if you so choose, take a single image and span it across all your screens? That seems to be what you’re saying.

Can you instead, if you so choose, select a separate image for each screen? That’s how the Macintosh “Desktop Pictures” works. (We can select a folder instead of a file and it will randomly select a pic and rotate them at a designated interval, also).

To put a single image up and have it span multiple monitors, I think a Mac user would have to take the desired image and open it in Photoshop or GIMP or GraphicConverter and slice it up into pieces and assign each piece to the appropriate monitor, separately. (Although there might be 3rd party utils that do what you’re talking about)


I love the stuff on this website, and they have a separate category of desktops called “dual” for exactly your situation. :slight_smile:

This is also something that I’m interested in, but are these sites pretty much spyware free? Too many screenshot and theme sites that I’ve gone to have tried to download multiple snoop programs as a “courtesy”, and it bugs the hell out of me.

Thanks for the links.

Does anyone know any sites where you can get free wallpaper? All the sites I have found so far require a membership to download the actual wallpaper :frowning:

Whah? Pixel Girl Presents doesn’t require membership… either that or I’ve somehow found a weird loophole, because I have over a dozen wallpapers from that site.