Dub Side of the Moon

Anybody catch an earful of this album? Bunch o’ dudes got together and did an entire revision of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, but entirely in Reggae.

Frankly, I think it’s fuckin’ sweet, and not just for more smoke-out music. I’d almost go so far to say that I like this version better than Pink Floyd’s, although that’s probably the novelty still kickin’ in…

One thing I like is that, instead of Gilmour’s guitar work, they have a Jamaican freestyle rappin’ to fill in the spots. And the way they reworked the piano work in Great Gig in the Sky is fantastic…

I gives it 16 SPOOFEY bits. Whatever that means.

Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I love to hear covers of their stuff. The Orb did some really good techno-esque remake of various albums, but this seems to be REALLY, REALLY groovy.

::whips out his credit card::


Dope, dope stuff. I absolutely love dub music. I have hundreds of records of classic dub tracks. To me it is perfect music. Soothing, yet hardcore at the same time. Haunting, yet beautiful. It can be instrumental or it can have vocals. It can be danced to, but works perfectly as chill music. Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo, Horace Andy, Barringtron Levy, etc. The sounds that dreams are made of . . .

DSM is very cool (partly because of the novelty), but it only scratches the surface of how great dub music can be. If you haven’t already - go with this taste. Find all the dub you can. You won’t be disappointed. It will make your life better.

And Vic Mackey is an Evil SOB!

DaLovin’ Dj

I don’t like it so much. That’s a little odd, because usually I love covers that cross genres.

On the other hand, Luther Right & the Wrongs have an album called “Rebuilding the Wall” - It’s “The Wall” done hokey bluegrass country. And I love it. My girlfriend hates it. It requires tense negotiation for me to put one song into the playlist. She hates the whole album.

(Negotiation usually goes along the lines of "no, hon, I won’t put any Neil Young in the playlist. Okay. No Tragically Hip either. Yes, there’s three Bad Boys Blue in there. Yeah, okay, that Gakt song, too. Fine, I’ll take out the PJ Harvey. Garbage? Yeah, which album? Okay. Yes, there are three Seatbelts albums in the list. No, that’s from another album. Yeah, I’ll put it in…)

All you dub fans and the dub-curious should check out The Trojan Dub Box Set. It’s got some amazing stuff on it, and it can be had for cheap these days.

I’ve got that set on vinyl and boy is it dope. All the trojan sets are pretty good, but the dub one is stellar. . .

I am a head too. Scientist on vinyl is some of the greatest stuff you will ever hear. Also Aswad. I prefer Augustus Pablo on CD, along with new stuff like Jah Warrior and Twilight Circus.

And SPOOFE that freestyle rappin’ is none other than Rankin’ Joe, one of the greatest toasters around. After him, my next favorite is U-Roy, whom I had the pleasure of seeing live too.

Rankin’ Joe lives in the Bronx now but doesn’t do too many shows around New York. Savor his appearance on Dub Side, particularly on “Time”. Check out his “Fast Forward into Africa” album.

Well, say what you will about that reggae Moon you have, but nothing will ever top that Chipmunks’ take on The Wall.

I particularly like “Mother”:

“Hey, Dave, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?”
“No they won’t, Chipmunks, if you sing this song!”
“Hey, Dave, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?”

Hard to find a bigger PF fan than me (and usually I’m a little fanatically purist), but I love Reggae so I am thinking that HMV is getting a visit from me today. Hopefully they have it.

<slight hijack> Anyone ever seen the Machine? I went to see them at BB Kings at Foxwoods and they were absolutely phenomenal.</hijack>

I’m envious of you seeing U-Roy! Have you heard much Big Youth? And, as far as dub goes, I always love anything with The Upsetters (meaning: Lee Perry) on it.

And, speaking of U-Roy, I must sadly point to my review of Toots and the Maytals comeback album.

Well, it’s no Rebuilding The Wall but it’s pretty neat. I do miss Gilmour’s guitar, though.

I like the idea of the cross-genre cover, especially when they do an entire album. I remember Dread Zeppelin, doing the Reggae-style Led Zeppelin tunes, but with an Elvis impersonator as vocalist.


That’s a shame. Toots is one of my all time favorites. I’ve seen him live many times and he always has a great energy and usually invites the fans up on stage to dance with him a couple of times. Had some great times at those shows. My favorite remake of a Toots track is the Sublime version of 5446. That is actually one of my favorite songs ever. I’ll probably buy the album anyway, just to support the man, but I already had a sneaking suspicion that it might not be up to par. . .

Yeah, it really sucked having to write that review. I requested it from the music editor, so I had to do it. Toots is one of my favorites, too. “54-56” kept me sane while my old job was falling apart, which is why it was so painful to hear it desecrated like that with Toots’ blessing. If you want to support Toots, go see him live again–he’ll get more money that way and you won’t have to throw the album out.

On this Toots tour and album, the label seems to have had too much influence. The backing band he uses in concert, and on Saturday Night Live are not his usual one. Hard to knock the guy though.

Also, another note: to those new to the genre in this thread, Dub Side of the Moon isn’t just a random genre-combination gimmick. Read about dub and see.

Anyway, I saw U-Roy last year at the weekly Deep Space party in New York. You haven’t seen live dub until you have seen him toast over Skylarking. And Big Youth – awesome! Big Youth, Ranking Joe, Luciano are all on Twilight Circus’ new Foundation Rockers cd. http://www.twilightcircus.com/discography/250.html

And speaking of Studio One, Coxsone Dodd died two days ago. Right now 89.9 in New York is playing 24 hours straight of Studio One. It started at 6 AM (today is Saturday) with old, old rockers tunes and apparently by tonight will have massive dubs and reall really rare stuff.