Dubya Guy

“Dubya Guy”
(Sung to the tune of “Particle Man”)

Duby Guy, Dubya Guy
He’s got the brains of a piggy sty
What’s he know about that foreign stuff?
Dubya guy
Is he a dunce or is he a fool?
How in hell’d he get through Harvard school?
Perhaps it was ‘cuz of ol’ daddy’s crew
Nobody knows
Dubya Guy

Number Two Guy, Number Two Guy
Tryin’ to make himself an Alpha Male Guy
He makes a speech, bullshits a lot
Number Two Guy

Media Man, Media Man
Controlling the whole friggin’ country Man
Try t’appear kind to all other man
Media Man
He’s got a face that’s blemish free
Wrinkle-free, and emotion-free
Always smilin’ through perfect teeth
Everywhere Man
Media Man

Public Guy, Public Guy
Confused straight to hell with all the spinning lies
Lives his life with the TV guide
Public Guy
Is he informed?
Or is he just dumb?
Is he sittin’ at home just twiddlin’ thumbs?
Who gets the vote of Public Guy?
Not Nader Guy
Public Guy

Number Two Guy, Number Two Guy
Wants to be pals with Public Guy
They have a chat, Number Two lies
Number Two guy

(An original parody by El Diddly)
Spelling corrected at the request of the author

[Edited by UncleBeer on 11-02-2000 at 04:59 PM]

Bah. That should be “He’s got a face… etc.” For some reason, my spellcheck didn’t catch that. 'Beer, Euty, can one of you fix that? Purdy pweese?

cade[sup]1[/sup] - adj. - untended by its mother and brought up at the human hand, often as a pet
cade[sup]2[/sup] - n. - a bushy Mediterranean juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus ) whose tarlike oil distilled from the wood is used in the treatment of skin disorders.

I guess your spellchecker was correct in this case.

Haha, I love that song, I thought I was the only one who has ever heard of it. I was shocked to find it on Napster!