Dubya supports teaching Intelligent design in schools - ARRRGGGGHHHHHH !!!

Wow, it’s been a while since I started a Dubya bashing thread but this news item really deserves pitting our Presidunce:

That’s right Dubya. American students aren’t quite dumb enough. Let’s make sure that we raise a generation of low-scoring IQ types so the USA will have a voting block that will be sure to vote for folks like you and your ilk.

You want to fight a WAR on terrorism? Do you think “bunker-busters”, A-Bombs, H-bombs, fuel air bombs, etc were conceived from the “scientifical” principles of Intelligent Design? Was the latest aircraft carrier, fighter jet, etc conceived from the Book of Ruth?

Dubya - dumber than I ever thought possible.


Boy, are you a dollar late and a day short. I would link you to the other thread, but who can be bothered looking for things like that?

Sorry Liberal - I only looked at the more recent threads - if this is a duplicate then the Moderators should shut it down. Heck, I’ll report it myself !!!

No problem. We can never have enough Bush threads. But it is recent. Probably within the top ten or fifteen.

Here 'tis.. The subject isn’t very clear from the title.

How would teaching intelligent design lower IQ’s? Do you know the difference between intelligence and knowledge?

Well, perhaps debating in this thread should cease because I did report it to the Moderators. Metacom if you want to debate this further please go to the original thread which I totally missed because of its extremely lucid thread title. :rolleyes:

Can you make the same stupid statement in that thread so that the ‘debate’ can properly be transferred?

Hey, that was my thread, so fuck you! :slight_smile:

Actually the title was appropriate. I was more interested in Pitting the press than Bush, since the article in my paper was so poorly written (scientifically).

Carry on.

Duplicate thread already in progress, so this one’s closed.