Duck Quacks Don't Echo - TV show

Has anyone else found
this show ?

I caught it last night and it seems like it could either be a really good trivia type show if they can keep the facts straight but some of the experiments seemed a little :dubious:

Anyone else seen it?

Missed the edit window…

The premise of the show is the hosts present facts and they do little experiments to prove them.
A few examples were seeing if someone’s feet get colder when afraid, or a carrier pigeon is faster than a fax machine in distances less than a mile.

It sounds like Mythbusters, and other Mythbusters copies haven’t done so well. Is it any good? What channel is on?

National Geo. I think it’s an american version of a british panel show of the same name, though I haven’t seen the uk one so I can’t compare.

I’d like to see it for comparison. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard watching Adam running with a duck trying to make it quack!

That’s right.

“Quack, damn you!” - Jamie Hyneman

Will they be blowing things up? That’s the make/break point for me.

Actually it might be the other way around, as the US version aired earlier. In fact they’re almost simultaneous.

I’ve been watching the British version, and it’s a decent, if lightweight, idea saved by a great host and guests.

The one thing it does have over Mythbusters is that it doesn’t take them forever to get around to the results. They do 3 or 4 facts in 30 minutes and they don’t pad with filler and rehash details to death like Mythbusters is fond of doing.

I saw one (possibly two) episodes recently. I thought it was kind of interesting. It’s set in a studio with a live audience, so I imagine the explosions (if any) will be minimal.