Duck Season!

Ducks Daffy and Donald are strung up by their webbed feet, dangling precariously above Taz’s boiling cauldron. You plead to let them go, but the Devil acquiesces to relinquish (in sputtering, broken English, natch) one. Which waterfowl do you spare???

I’d boil the one with the speech impediment.

What kind of sauces are available? And, really, I’d convince Taz to roast, not boil.



Screw Daffy

Donald all the way.

I think Daffy would be more fun to hang out with than that wallflower, Donald.

Oh and btw…, “Rabbit Season” !

“Wabbit Season!”


Roast or rotisserie. :smiley:

Old Daffy was a hoot!* His later renditions less so, but I still like him better than Donald.
*These were the ones where he would bounce around like a loon while yelling: “Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo”

Daffy is the funnier character but he’s also the bigger jerk and he wouldn’t do it for me. In he goes.

Wabbit Season!

Donald appears to have more meat on him so . . .

Also, I hate his stupid sailor suit. What a fop.

Baseball season!

Screw Disney.


You’re fucking goofy. :smiley:

Boil Donald. He never showed a fraction of the brilliance Daffy displayed circa 1951-1965 with the parodies Stupor Duck, Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Rocket Squad, Robin Hood Daffy, etc.

You’re out!!!

I object to the retcon of calling the Tasmanian Devil “Taz”.

You keep outta dis! He doesn’t have to boil you now.

Oh, I completely agree. But Daffy never, ever won anything. It’s an essential part of his comic persona that nothing ever broke his way. Saving him from the pot would undermine his very reason for being. Daffy must be boiled precisely because it’s funnier if he is.

I can’t stand Donald. He’s a whining and annoying duck. If the result would be the end of Donald Duck I’d be all for it. However, since the likely result of dunking Daffy is that a boiled Daffy shaped duck climbs out of the cauldron and says “Of course, you realize this means war!”, then I want to see that.

Your logic is sound. I need to change my vote.