Dude goes skinny-dipping in a shark tank

…at the aquarium in Toronto.

I… don’t know what to think.

Hold my beer.

Wow. How dumb/drunk can you be?

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… at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto…

Believe it, or not.

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Most shark attacks are mistaken identity - in murky water, we might look like a seal. Sharks generally don’t want to eat humans, too boney. Especially if they’re sharks that are used to humans swimming around them to take care of the aquarium.

And I don’t see being naked adding any danger - having on a t-shirt and pants wouldn’t protect anything.

I’d probably do it on a dare (and definitely for money) if there were no legal repercussions. Seems like it’d be an experience.

Being naked speaks to the guy’s frame of mind — or mindlessness, as the case probably was.

I agree & would do it for free, or at least if someone paid my way. If it was that dangerous they wouldn’t invite the general public to pay to do it.

He must be related to the “fuck that alligator” guy.

Things went better for him than for the guy who’s last (coherent) words were “fuck that alligator.