Dude, if you're not sitting, don't use the stall

Seriously, what’s the matter with you? There is a whole wall of open urinals and you’re taking up a stall. Leave the fucking stall for those who need to sit, asshole.

And regardless of what you’ve done in there, FUCKING FLUSH THE GODDAMN TOILET when you’re through.

Jesus fucking Christ, you really have to be told this?

Hey, just be happy if he raises the seat.

Some guys have shy kidney. I can’t pee standing up around people unless I’ve been drinking. Sucks and its psychological but its real.

Then why are you (the “you” in my OP) leaving the stall door open? I don’t buy that “shy kidney” is all that common.

And you know what, even if you do have a psychological problem, sit the fuck down so you don’t fucking piss all over the seat and floor.

I don’t mind so much if guys use the stall, although it usually makes me wonder why they do. I just wish they would lock the door behind them. I’ve knocked a few guys in the back of the head when I’ve pushed right in thinking the stall was empty.

Some folks don’t like to use the urinals because of splashback and some folks don’t like to urinate in public. Going into the stall solves both issues. About flushing, well, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Hey, at least don’t use the fucking handicap stall to piss in when all the other stalls are open and all the fucking urinals are open as well. Happens a lot more than most people might imagine.

But it’s just so roomy! Plus you have that little bar in there to stabilize yourself, if you’ve had too much to drink.

(sorry, I’m not really justifying it)

It’s real. All some people need is a wee bit of privacy, not the full monty. And most of us guys are fully capable of aiming at the in-floor urinal.

You need to chill.

No. If I want to use a stall to piss, I will.

Is this a prostitution turf war thing? Is that a high traffic spot for your line of work?

Road rage, supermarket aisle rage, queue rage, carpark rage…

About time we had toilet stall rage.

But will it become a Flash game? What would be the gameplay?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s real. If you’re going to use the stall, close the door, lock it and sit down.

If you’re going to use the stall, close the door, lock it, and sit down. Period.

Not enough of you are.

You need to get some prozac for your five-year-old’s mental hangups. The stall is for sitting.

Close the door, lock it, and sit down.

Are you the stall monitor?

I don’t know about rage, but there is a flash game involving toilets…
The Bathroom Simulator (I think I heard about this game here. It’s come full circle.)

Hey, since you already parked in the last handicapped spot, go ahead.


I’m the guy who actually needs to use the toilet and having to wait behind a selfish idiot who should just be using the urinal, and likely also having to clean his piss off the seat and the rim too.

LOL. Now you know how it feels. Too funny.

I give those with shy bladder a pass on this.

But they MUST lift the seat. Sitting down is optional, but if you do sit, close & lock the door.

Flushing? Not in many states- “In this land of sun & fun, we don’t flush for #1!”. It’s a huge waste of water to flush after just peeing.

On that- no flushing constantly during urinating. If you have that big of a mental block, seek professional help. No wasting 100 gallons of water for 4 oz of urine.