Dude! You're getting cellmate!

Dell’s ‘dude’ gets arrested

Actor who plays ‘Steven’ in ads charged with pot possession


I agree, it’s quite an earth-shaker.

Wow, how many threads have been started on this topic now?

I wanted to start one titled “Dude! You’re getting a dime bag!”, but this thread beat me to it (more or less) :frowning:

I read in the NY Times today (yes, the story actually made the NY Times!) that he was arrested wearing “a navy blue plaid kilt, a tuxedo jacket, beige knee-length socks and black shoes.”

Navy blue with black!? No wonder they arrested him!

Someone call the fashion police! :smiley:

Heard this morning that he got probation. Dang! Here in Texas, he’d probably have gotten the chair! Forget the drugs, just for the kilt!

I feel sorry for him. I do not care that people found him annoying but…

It’s not right that his arrest gets splashed all in the press, and MARIJUANA (especially that dank amount) should be LEGAL in the first place.


Thing is, this will make you one of the most noticeable persons making a score, to the narcs staking out the dealer. Even in NY. Makes it almost irresistible to go after that one (as opposed to maybe several dozen who showed up in nondescript everyday urbanwear).

Occupational hazard when you’re a spokesweenie.

So should concealed carry w/o a permit, but it ain’t, so I don’t…