Duhbuh duhbuh di di di oh-oh(Song ID)

I’m always amazed when people identify things with a minimal amount of information in these threads, but I think Doug K deserves special recognition in this case. Doper of the Day or something, because that was quite impressive.

Yeah it was. It’s one of those songs I hear in passing but never really listened to. It was on a gas station’s Sirius feed.

It was kind of a fluke. I remembered the song, but not the title. And I thought it was a Eurythmics song. I just started clicking on every thing that wasn’t “Sweet Dreams” or “Would I Lie to You” that came up in a YouTube search for Eurythmics.

I thought it was gonna be Fandango’s theme song. It’s FAAAAAAAAAAN DAAAAAAAAAAAAN GOOOOOOOOO

So here’s what I do when I need to ID a song. I write down recognizable lyric phrases and then use Google. I can’t possibly be the only person who thought this up.

My wife has an app on her phone that IDs songs even more easily than this.

I don’t think you’d have had luck Googling the OP’s provided lyrics. :smiley:

Jesus. Major kudos for this one, Doug K. I’m usually good at “name that unidentifiable thing” but this is above and beyond. Bravo!