Duhbuh duhbuh di di di oh-oh(Song ID)

Please identify this song.

Give us something to go on.


Smoke on the Water.

If all you have is the beat, EVERY song sounds like Smoke on the Water.

“No, no, Nanette.”

Isaac or Fuzz.

That’s all I have. If I had to guess an artist, it would be Enya. Thread title is sort of a chorus. Rhythm is

Duhbuh duhbuh di di di              oh-oh
EE        EE        Q Q/Q qr qr qr/EE

E-eighth note
Q-quarter note
qr-quarter rest

All I’ve got is Do do do, da da da by The Police. Catchy tune from the 80’s.

It’s this one:

I think this rhythm is a better fit.

Duhbuh duhbuh di di di              oh-oh
SSSS                E E  Eer qr /     EE

E-eighth note
S-sixteenth note
qr-quarter rest
er-eighth rest

Where did you hear it? What instruments were playing it? Did you recognize the artist?

I started to post that there still wasn’t enough info to even guess, but then I suddenly remembered something.
Shot in the dark, maybe this?: No More I Love Yous

Right song or not, that is a hell of a guess from so little information.

Something by Gilbert & Sullivan.

Something in the Acuff-Rose catalog, perhaps?

No shit. I can even see her style in this song being mistaken for Enya in some parts.

Damned For All Time, from Jesus Christ Superstar?

Ho Le Fuk

incredible. that has got to be correct.

Thanks. This is it.

ETA: Way off on Enya guess.