Dumb Broad In Nevada Busted For Voter Fraud

Story. Shame on this woman for injecting scientific method into the Republican push for voter ID laws. Now she’s gone and dealt the concept a critical blow, making it even harder for voter ID supporters to make the voting system more fair.

But seriously, what was her plan if she’d succeeded? Stand up and announce to the world, “I committed voter fraud! The system is borked!”

Well she proved that the system works.

BTW, “broad?” 1944 wants its gender hate speech back.

Just shut the fuck up before Zombie Sinatra crawls out of his grave to kick your sensitive ass.

Yeah, dey’s bitches now motherfucker!

Thanks for the laugh. You just can’t make this stuff up. I can’t believe that even after they said to her, “Hey you can’t vote, system shows you’ve already voted,” she insisted on it and made a big deal. Any normal person trying to test the system would have just said, “Oh I’m sorry…” and walked away and thought to themselves, “I guess the system works… no need for voter ID laws after all.”

Wait I don’t get it. If you are testing Voter ID laws, wouldn’t you try to vote under someone else’s name? Preferably someone that has not already voted?

Bwuh? Saint Cad, you clearly don’t get it. Keep. Logic. Outta. Dis.

Voter ID is necessary, see? Necessary. “Testing” stuff is done by sciency, heathen liberls. The same ones who’ll let just anyone vote without giving the matter careful thought. Anyone.

Which reminds me. Any thoughts as to how long it’ll take before she is accused of being a Dem posing as a Repub?

That’s one Dizzy Broad.
I guess in order for dizzy broad republicans to rail against voter fraud, they must commit some voter fraud, in order for it to exist.
Dizzy Broad Voter Fraud.

Maybe Fox News can label her as a Democrat in the little news crawl at the bottom of the screen.

But “bitch” doesn’t rhyme with “fraud”!

But I thought bitchingfraude was a german term?!

Nein, das ist der pissenmonen.

After reading that I started wondering if “she” might be our own Bricker in drag.

Nah, Bricker wouldn’t feel the need to test the potential for VF to exist, but rather (if he weren’t already sure of it) to test the degree of “truly debilitating lack of confidence in voting system integrity” among the populace.

To the degree which such a thing does exist (I agree with many Dopers that it doesn’t much, at keast not due to the existence of voter fraud), this lil’ lady’s action did more to combat such “lack of confidence” more than any voter suppression effort could have done. Bricker should send her flowers (or maybe represent her pro bono).

:eek: Brain bleach! Brain bleach!

The article says that she pleaded to a misdemeanor charge. Does that prevent her from working at a casino in the future?

“Broad” is gender hate speech? That seems a little over the top.

You dumb broads really need to get over yourselves. Now get back to the kitchen and make me a sammich.

Well of course she got caught. She wasn’t a black Muslim Socialist. Voter fraud only happens to them!