Dumb computer question?

I installed and configured an Ethernet card in my son’s computer for college. He ended up not living on campus so he cannot be hooked up to the College network. If he wants to sign up for Juno, Netzero or whatever, will the soft ware reconfigure the modem and bypass the Ethernet card or will he have to remove the Ethernet card and than install the software above? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you are running a Windows OS, a seperate network configuration will be created for the modem and will ignore the ethernet card. As long as you didn’t set the browser up for proxy connections, it is safe to ignore the ethernet card and go about your business like it never existed.

Speaking from personal experience, xizor is right. I have an Ethernet card I use exclusively for playing Diablo II with my roommate, and haven’t had any problems.

Again, these boys are right.

Windows uses something called Dial Up Networking to establish remote network connects via the modem.

Im pretty sure Juno doesn’t use Dial Up Networking. Its a standalone software solution. Should work just fine with whatever you have in the computer as it detects modems all by itself.

Actually, Juno does use DUN, but they put their own script in there so it always launches their app when you run it. If you know your way around DUN, you can disable it and get around seeing the ads while online.

If you can possibly supply some more detailed info on the operating system and so forth I will offer to help you make sure the modem works OK - so long as it’s Windows. If you’re running FreeBSD or something, you’re on your own. :slight_smile: