Dumb, i mean uninformed, TV question

My aunt has just moved into a new complex, and we have connected the TV to their cable, and all we are getting are channels 6 & 7 (both lousy).

Others get all kinds of channels. What could it be? The TV is a Phillips Magnavox, manufactured February 1996? 1998? (hard to read).

All the hip family members are a hundred miles away. Help help help!

Has she called the cable company to start service? Although the building is wired for cable in each apartment, it’s not on until you subscribe.

Quick guess (if she already has the cable service on):

Check in the menu using the remote:

Check for a TV/CATV choice:

Chances are her TV is set for the TV (antenna) setting, picking the CATV (usually the STD choice) will get you all the cable channels.

I’d have suggested that, GIGObuster, but if one of the CATV modes isn’t selected, the TV will still tune channels 2 through 13 in antenna mode. I know from experimentation.

Just a nitpick:

Experimenting I also got a very similar result like in the OP, if one has a TV with an auto program, chances are that it was programmed to skip the channels that the air antenna was not capturing well in the old location.

For example: I set my 5-year-old TV back to TV (antenna) and darned if it only had channels 7, 10 and 13!

MaryEfoo: to check if that is the case, select and enter a different channel in the remote like 8, and if you can see it then run the auto program again, but only after setting it to the STD, if channel 8 is just snow then Q.E.D has the answer.

Yeah, but the OP said both channels 6 & 7 came in lousy. That’s the key that tells me there’s no signal present. Forgot to point that out earlier.

TV is the devil. Go out and ride a bike.

<ahem> Sorry. We now return you to your regularly schedueled thread.

Wups, sorry, 6 & 7 are lousy in subject matter, OK in reception.

I will bring in a remote tomorrow and try the suggestions, can’t do it tonight. And will check with the complex, somehow I thought the cable was included.

Thanks, I’ll be back with the results.

As a former denizen of the bay area, I figured out that was the case MaryEFoo. :smiley:

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(Oh, the above was a joke. The OP isn’t stupid.)

  • my instructor in the army.

(Note, that’s a joke. I don’t know the OP well enough to comment on his (or her) sanity.)

cable might be included, sure, but that’s only after you turn it on. Why would they want to pay for monthly cable for someone who doesn’t want it? So they turn it off.

  1. Setting to CATV worked! Yayyy!! Aunt is happy, I am happy!

  2. mambozzy is right, TV is the devil and rots your brain and character to boot.

  3. Who needs sanity?

Hey, I get free cable at my apartment complex. Actually not cable, but DirectTV that acts just like cable, so you just plug into the wall. So it’s not out of the range of possibility. Glad you got it working.