Dumbass Rich and Prominent Morons

Are these people so narcissistic that they believe they are gods? That they are that untouchable?

Tiger Woods, Petraeus, Clinton, JFK…

Not a political rant but a “What The Fuck” rant. The top dog spy chief of the country uses a fake gmail acct where they just save drafts and read each others drafts. :rolleyes: Tiger Woods just texts whatever to all of his fuck bunnies?

This blows my mind. For 200K a year I will help you rich stupid fucks cover your tracks…

Fun fact: poor people get caught cheating on their spouses to.

Well, that’s exactly it. They think they can cover their tracks, but they can’t. Not today.

I read the title as “Dumbass Rich and Prominent Mormons” and was like what the holy fuck is this guy on about when I read through the list of people…

Eh, this wasn’t a bad method for most purposes. The problem was that the FBI cybercrimes unit launched an investigation into his mistresses email activities, not the specific way he hid his emails. There probably aren’t many people who could cover their love-lifes from that sort of scrutiny without going to bizarre lengths.

He wanted to hide his affair from his wife and his mistresses husband, not a multi-billion dollar branch of the US gov’t.

The incompetence of even top brass officials comforts me greatly. It’s a daily reminder that there’s a reason conspiracy theories would never fly, because these people are as petty, stupid, greedy and unreliable as the rest of us.

What’s the old joke?

Why do men name their penises? Because when someone is making 90% of your decisions for you, you want to be on a first name basis.

Rich powerful intelligent people are just as prone to romantic fuckups as anyone else.

They should have posted in the Barnhouse, even the FBI wouldn’t think to look for anything there.

Yes, but poor people generally don’t have the resources to, say, hire an expert to advise them on cybersecurity.

Oh, for enough money, I’ll work something out. For a cool mil a year, I’ll disappear their “tracks.”

Let alone have world’s largest “Intelligence” Agency at their disposal.
(Use this failure as an example next time Truthers claim CIA could cover up WTC scam.)

Cover their tracks? Our awesome Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre was busy uncovering his tracks.

So Klaatu ends up 200K richer, and they get caught anyway? Seems kind of win/win actually…

Wouldn’t the transfer of a cool mil per year to a cybersecurity expert specializing in covering the tracks of cheating husbands raise a suspicion or two?

Not if he covers it well enough. If it gets found out, he should give a refund. :smiley:

cheating on their spouses to what? To go to the store?

Hmm, too traceable. You’re right. I’ll make sure to be paid in briefcases full of cash.

You have a lot to learn about love, son.

It was not digital incompetence which brought down General Petraeus.
It was Paula Broadwell’s jealousy.

Like most breaches, the human factor.

Which reminds me of Tiger Woods for just the opposite reason…how the heck did he keep the gossip media off his tail when his partners were working girls with a story to sell?

If the head of the CIA can’t keep a secret, nobody can.