Dumbing Down in Action

Rowan Atkinson
then: Blackadder --> now: Mr. Bean

Andy Richter
then: Andy Richter Controls the Universe --> now: Quintuplets

Trace Beaulieu and Josh Weinstein
then: MST3K --> now: America’s Funniest Home Videos

'nuff said, I think.

:eek: Say it ain’t so, Joe! SAY IT AIN’T SO! For the love of all that is holy on God’s ever-lovin’ green earth, say it ain’t so…

curls up in the corner and whimpers

Mark Linn-Baker
My Favorite Year --> Perfect Strangers

Cindy Williams
American Grafitti and The Conversation --> Laverne and Shirley

Orson Welles
Citizen Kane and others --> “We will see no wine before its time” and “Transformers: the Movie”

George Lucas
THX-1138 & American Graphitti --> Star Wars: Episode 1: Yippeee!!!

Don’t forget the Farm Fresh Peas commercial

“Farm Fresh Peas… full of Farm Freshness… and Green Pea-ness.”

We will sell no wine…

“Oh look, there’s some stuck in my beard.”

Re: Josh Weinstein

He also wrote a few episodes for Freaks and Geeks. But the AFHV is indeed depressing.

How about Joel Hodgson? MST3K to writer of Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.

Not to take away from the greatness of Citizen Kane and the excellence of Mr. Welles, but you make it sound like Transformers: The Movie is a BAD thing!

In light of his infamous size, it was unfortunate that Orson Welles voiced such a physically huge character (Unicron) for his final film role. :wink: That said, Unicron was cool, and there was some other really cool stuff in TF:TM. But, as a film, it’s pretty bad. And, even as a toy commercial, it could have been better.

But, I am a “TransFan”, I do own a copy of the film (an uncensored Canadian copy :smiley: ), and I may have watched the movie more times than any other movie.* I even copied the film onto audio tape and used to listen to it in the car. (Unfortunately, the tape player in the car no longer works.)

  • The Breakfast Club, which I’ve never owned a copy of, is the other contender for that honour.

I just thought of something. In a way, you could say that the relatively recently released toy version of Unicron is, in essence, an Orson Welles action figure. Did anyone ever put out Citizen Kane action figures?