Dumped Kitten - Sigh - Cat #5?

Awwwwww, who’s a tiny purr-purr?
So cute!

If you have horses you must have a barn. Can she be a barn cat? Or is it to late?

My parents used to have a pack (pride) of barn cats. There wasn’t a rat, mouse or squirrel within 100 yards of the barn and they cleared the moles out too.

She’s a cutie. Reminds me of our late cat Rex.

Jimson Jim - I have a barn, but she’s too little to be all by herself in the big wide world. The rats would probably gang up on her! I have two other cats who were supposed to be barn cats, but figured out that the livin’ was just fine in the house, with an endless dry food dispenser and a warm waterbed. I’m too tender-hearted (big SUCKER written on my forehead, just as runner pat said).


Good news! I found a home for the dumped kitty. I took her to the vet for her first shots, and while I was in the parking lot, a young family with a daughter about 8 years old were coming out. They had two healthy dogs with them, including a pup they’d just gotten from the pound. When I showed the the kitten thy thought she was adorable. I told them they could have her if they wanted, and I’d prepay to have her spayed. So we went in, got her first vaccinations and I arranged her spay and next vaccinations. It’s a good deal for me - $50 vet bill now (current vacs, future vacs and spay together - quite a deal) or pay for food and vet care for the rest of her life. The mom told me they hadn’t told their daughter yet, but today her cat died. He was a grey tabby and looked just like the kitten. So it looks like it was all meant to be.


sounds like the wee kitten arranged to be where she needed to. first with you, to get ready to live in a house with doggies. and now with a new family with doggies.

any update on the pup? did he have a chip?

rocking chair - The day after I took the pup in, he wandered off. My hope is, once the thunder storm had past and he was no longer scared, he took himself back home.