Dumped Kitten - Sigh - Cat #5?

No pics yet, but I’ll get there. Last night three of the dogs (doberman, standard poodle and wolfhound mix) were kicking up a fuss. I figured they’d cornered a possum or something - it’s happened before and their barking had that sound.

I took a flashlight and went out to check, and there treed in my ancient lilac bush was an itty bitty tabby kitty. I brought her in and feed her. She ate some canned dogfood like a starving shark. I closed her in my dining room with food, water and a litter box.

Tonight she wants to be only on my shoulder. She’s very vocal. I think I’ll call her Lynette, after Sqeaky Fromm.

Anybody in Middle Tennessee want a gray tabby kitty? I’ll pay for the first vetting. I already have 6 large dogs, 4 cats, and two horses. I don’t need another pet, especially a baby.


Too late. :smiley:

Heh, I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I’m neither in middle TN nor have I gotten permission from the Yorkies to have a kitten. Good luck!

Ruby - Indiana is right next to TN. And my neice is starting Rose-Hulman in Terra Haute this month. I could make a road trip and deliver it. Tell your yorkies that you’re the boss.


With all those animals, what’s one more? And one who wuvs you!

We need pics to be sure.

Bless you, and good luck. I’d offer to take it but I’m already maxed out on the critters I can care for.

Aww. Yay for you for taking in kitty. And we’re going to hold you to that pics rule.

Itty bitty tabby kitties have a way of squirming into your heart and latching on. Particularly when they have squeaky voices and like to sleep on your shoulders.

Ask me how I know this.

You’ve got a kitty now. Enjoy her. :slight_smile:

Right. Have you MET my Yorkies? We just spent the better part of two weeks saving a nest of baby bunnies from their wrath.

My son is a graduate from Rose-Hulman, Class of '05. Your niece is a lucky woman to be able to get the caliber of education offered at Rose. My best to her!

Heh, the little wub would have had me hook line and sinker the first time she squeaked from atop my shoulder (Maryland, and another kitty would be problematic, sorry.) I’m impressed by your fortitude. I hope you find a good home for her.

Oh, this just keeps getting better. I just picked up what looks like a shih tzu mix right off the busy road. No collar, soaking wet and shivering in the rain. Hopefully he’s chipped and someone wants him back. He’s trimmed and he has no fleas and he’s a good weight, so someone must love him. He’s laying at my feet right now.

Ruby - My neice is very bright and very motivated. She thinks this will be the best place for her geeky personality. She’s a beautiful girl, about 5’7" and size 4. I hope she finds a nice boy there. Niece, in lieu of kitty and dog pics

Wowza, she’s gorgeous! I’m sure she’ll be popular. Most of the geek chicks are…well…geek chicks. :wink: It’s a great campus and the education is unequalled IMO.

This has to stop. Another animal showed up in my yard today. Only this time it was a rattlesnake. Smaller than the one I saw a couple years ago, about 24-30" longer and about as big around as my wrist. I called the dogs off and called my cop neighbor. He came over and shot it. I hate that it had to die, but it was only 20’ from the house.


And, as promised, Kitty pics.


Tiny body and GIANT ears! She’s beautiful.

StGermain, you have the mark of St Francis on your forehead that only animals can see.

It says SUCKER.:smiley:
My mom had the same mark.

At least you got a good meal out of it.

Anyone have ideas about litter training this kitten? She’s confined to my dining room when not out with me, and she’s pooped in her litter box in there. But there are two other litter boxes, one in my room and one in the kitchen, but she keeps climbing on my bed and going there. I could put her in a large dog crate with just her food, water and litter box, but that seems mean. I’ve never had a kitten not catch on quickly.


She might just be nervous. It’s not cruel to keep a kitten in a confined space (like a bathroom) for awhile until she gets acclimated to the house. Depending on the size of the dog crate, she should be fine in there as long as she’s got everything she needs and she’s not left alone all day. If she’s using one litterbox then she gets the idea–are the others used by more than just her? Are you sure she knows where they are?

I’d keep her confined for awhile longer, then let her out for supervised visits to the rest of the house slowly until she’s settled.

Shouldn’t that be “kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty snake a snake oh it’s a snake”?

She’s doing much better with the litterbox training. And she’s so affectionate! One of those flop down on your feet and wiggle sort of kittens. She’s not at all intimidated by the big dogs, and tried to poke her head into the doberman’s food dish to see if there’s anything she wants.


Squee! Kitty!

I love those big ears.

Is that how my Luna knew, when she saw me at the shelter, that if she got me to take her home, I would spoil her outrageously?