Dumping asylum seekers: What's the admin's justification?

Honest question. If the President sees migrants as such an imminent and dangerous threat to our safety, why are they bussed to city parks and bus stations with no notice to the cities and aid organizations? Isn’t that just asking them to disappear? How much more “open” can the borders be?

Apologies for the clear POV on this issue, but I haven’t seen anything from officials addressing the action at all.

Just as a point of clarification, I disagree with ‘the admin’s’ position on this, however, the President et al doesn’t see ‘migrants’ as a threat, they see illegal immigrants as a threat…those are two totally different things. Personally, I think we need to fix our immigration policies, but you are mischaracterizing the other side. We had must about as many LEGAL immigrants as ever this past year (I think it was down a bit, probably because of Trump but not directly…folks probably wary of coming to the US with an idiot like him in charge. We still had well over a million legal immigrants in 2018).

As far as your question goes, I’d need some context. Do you have a link or cite describing what you are getting at? You seem to be saying that Trump et al are having ICE(?) pick up illegals then dump them…somewhere? I haven’t heard of this happening.

His only interest in the matter is in punishing brown people; that’s the only justification he needs. There’s no real danger to the US, and neither he nor his subordinates actually care if they are refugees, immigrants, or citizens of the US; just their skin color.

Also, refugees aren’t migrants.

Here ya go. Notice the timing: Christmas Eve. The story mostly quotes Beto O’Rourke as the source. I acknowledge his political slant, but the Texas Tribune is a reputable source.

(Bolding mine) It looks like this is a likely motivation but still doesn’t provide any pretense of consistency.

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I disagree.This is one of many stories contradicting your characterization, the most egregious being the infamous “shithole countries” comment.

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Sounds like a fuckup somewhere coupled with the shutdown and probably a bunch of government workers who didn’t know what to do and basically wanted to go home for Christmas and decided to dump the problem on someone else (sort of like the MIB thing with the cat…oh, the cat is a problem. What’s the problem? It’s your problem…). I seriously doubt this is some devious 3-D chess move by the government or Trump et al, just another example that the monkey in chief at the controls is just smashing buttons and throwing poo all over. And this doesn’t have anything to do with legal immigration btw. I did read your other link, but that doesn’t demonstrate that legal immigration is a threat to the public or whatever, just more wrong headed stupidity of the Trump administration.


It is helpful to understand how an asylum application is supposed to work when looking at the situation where persons were dropped off at bus stations in Texas.

A person presenting himself/herself at a Port of Entry or to an Immigration Officer anywhere in the United States and making a claim of asylum is supposed to be detained pending a credible fear of persecution or torture interview (often called simply a credible fear interview).

Credible Fear has a particular meaning in law and refers to a fear of persecution on the basis of “race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.” Some commons reasons for migrants to seek to come to the United States likely do not qualify under the credible fear standard. Hoping for a better life for one’s children, fleeing domestic violence, or fear of a high general crime rate in the home country are examples of serious issues that still may not fall under the credible fear standard.

The credible fear interview is to determine if the claim of asylum *might *be justified if what the claimant says can be supported. It IS NOT the final determination of whether a grant of asylum will be made.

If a person/family passes a credible fear interview they are released into the United States. As they are no longer in custody of the government they may go wherever they wish given their (often quite limited) financial resources. They are instructed on how to follow up with Immigration for a final hearing on their asylum claim at a hearing, often a couple years or more in the future.

A person who fails to make an asylum claim that could be upheld at a hearing is subject to being detained pending deportation to his/her home country.

In the present time many, many asylum claimants are coming to the border with children. There is a policy in place due to an old legal settlement that limits how long children can be detained during such immigration processing. The Flores Settlement limits detention of children to no more than 20 days.

The Flores Settlement agreement came about in the 1993 case of Flores v. Reno, at a time when processing a credible fear interview seemed feasible in no more than 20 days. Though the legal case revolved around unaccompanied minor children in immigration detention, the Flores Settlement consent decree covered all minor children in immigration detention including those accompanied by a parent or relative.

In the present day there have been more asylum claims made than there is capacity (or willingness of the present administration?) to conduct credible fear interviews. So Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been releasing any children (and their accompanying parent/guardian) who have not had a credible fear interview within 20 days.

These people who are timing out are then released in much the same fashion as those who passed a credible fear interview.

TL;DR The government is releasing these people because they have been held too long and must be released to comply with a settlement agreement in an old court case.
As to why they are released without notifying social services agencies and charities…? Laziness or spite would be my guess. ICE officials are not required to make such notifications. So why bother? lazy.

And El Paso used to be somewhat of a Sanctuary City until a recent statewide law in Texas intervened. Dropping bus loads of people off with no notice might be a subtle way of ICE officers making things difficult for a city that provided limited cooperation with them in the past.

That seems like an incredible loophole for someone attempting to illegally come to the United States. Just follow the script to pass the interview, be released into the U.S. and never show up at the hearing. Why try to scale a wall or fence or trek through the desert?

Hard to wait when they do have small kids, while Mexico’s authorities are helping, the sad reality is that most do risk their few belongings or their own lives by waiting in very unsafe places.

As for not showing up at hearings:

It’s not laziness, it’s hate.

You truly don’t understand why asylees come to the U.S., do you?

I mean, you literally – and I mean that literally – don’t understand the first thing.

The simple, correct answer is that the vast majority are historically denied. Along with that, lately there seems to be some rumor floating around our execrable southern neighbors to the effect that all you have do is show up and claim asylum - done deal.

How’s that working out? :dubious:

I see denial rates from 5% to 99%+. What’s the overall rate across all judges?

…asylum seekers are dumped at bus stations because they are “historically denied?” You know that doesn’t make any logical sense right?


How’s what working out?

You are not even wrong, when the subject is about dumping them, not what happens in their hearings. Read the OP and post #11 and try again.

Classier than “shithole.” :slight_smile:

No, it’s really not.

I made no such generalization. Please read for comprehension. I said it presents a loophole for those, who are not true asylum seekers, to read from a script and pretend to be asylum seekers.