Syrian Refugees in Western Europe= "Fifth Column"?

While I have some sympathy for the Syrians escaping their civil war, i am also disturbed by reports of jihadist killers coming in to Western countries. these people have the capability to wreak havoc, via suicide bombings and mass killings. There seems to be reports of intentional injection of terrorists into Europe, under the guise of “refugees”. I have two questions:
-if this is true, should the West halt all resettlement?
-should the refugees announce their intention not to assimilate, should they be repatriated?

What reports do you speak of?

So your question is whether innocent people should be abandoned to suffer and die because someone else with the same skin color as them did a bad thing?

Although I do not like Trump his actual statement to have a temporary ban on the immigration of Muslims until the systems to run checks are in place is starting to make sense, the problem is how to implement it The question we must ask ourselves is do we place our own people into danger by not running proper checks?


I don’t know what you mean by this.

What “systems to run checks” do you believe are not currently in place in the US?

I believe TM is from the UK not the US

Apparently the system needs to gaurantee 100% that no refugee will ever engage in anything that could remotely be construed as terrorism.

Ah, you’re right, thanks. In that case I’m not sure why he’s talking about Donald Trump’s proposals, which AFAIK are about immigration to the US.

No Muslim refugee, of course.

With respect I have never been to America so I cannot personally comment on your security, the problem with the EU is the policy of open boarders. Once I land in France I can drive through Spain to Portugal without any checks. The situation now is there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants in Europe and we have no idea who they are. Where the US system could fall down is once an immigrant has been settled in the EU for four years he can apply for a passport. If he has not been properly vetted when he first arrived can the US trust his identity.

The OP says he’s heard “reports”. What were these reports and are they from a credible source? Do we really want the government to go running around acting on any rumor that somebody is willing to throw out there?

I have heard these reports on BBC 1 TV news and other TV media it is also being discussed on TV by main line politicians, I respectfully suggest tuning into European media through the internet. I suspect you all ready doing so, as I said no disrespect intended

Per capita, American Muslims kill ten times more people in acts of terrorism than Right-wingers or anyone else. They are uniquely a problem, no matter how hard people may try to pretend otherwise.

You are perhaps right, Grumman, but I’d like a cite and link before I take that as a fact.

It is playing with definitions. also article before the san berndino

Since two incidents make up two cases that push ahead numbers, it makes the idea weakly true, but the overall numbers say another thing.

It is then a hypocricy, the “no matter how hard people may try to pretend otherwise”…

Per capita is meaningless. How many total right-wingers are there compared to American Muslims?
And where did you get your numbers?

Are you then going on record as advocating the incarceration or expulsion of Americans who practice Islam?

Other such article, You are seven times as likely to be killed by a right wing extremist than by muslim terrorists

numbers do not support

Per capita, [insert large demographic group does thing more than] anyone else. Therefore, the demographic group is a problem.

Does this logic apply only to Muslims, Grumman? Or to all groups? Christians? Jews? White people? Men? Straight people? People who listen to heavy metal?

I’ve heard lots of reports of people saying thousands of terrorists are hidden among refugees. I haven’t seen any report of a single actual terrorist being found. Have you?