Duncan Sheik

Anyone else like him ?

I just love the guy and every one of his CDs.

Last night, my husband, me and kimmom2 went to see Duncan at The Stone Pony. This is the second time I’ve gone to see him. Wow ! What a great show it was. It was just him and another guitar player, they rocked. He seems so down to earth, he let some girls up on stage and sang to them because it was a bachelorette party. He talked and joked around with everyone and has a great sense of humor. In the middle of a song, one of his strings broke and he just grabbed another guitar and picked up right where he left off. Then handed the guitar string to a fan that asked for it.

After the show, he came out into the bar and signed autographs and posed for pictures with everyone. He and my husband joked around a little bit.

What a teriffic guy. I’ve never seen a celebrity who was so down to earth before. What more could I ask for ? He’s talented, sexy and a nice guy.