Dust up at my kid's school (or WTF is wrong with people)

When my son got home from school yesterday, there was a note from the principal that an incident had occurred wherein one parent had punched another at school. Ok, not terrific. My son saw it happen, but didn’t really know what had occurred. I figured maybe a couple of guys with conflicting McCain / Obama bumper stickers had gotten into a clash.

Then I found this on a local news site this morning:

Really, what in the hell is wrong with people?

Maybe she was asking for it.

I hope the teachers and administrators use the next couple of days to 1) soothe the kids traumatized by the incident, and 2) use the incident as a teachable moment, i.e., how **not **to solve disputes.

You’re leaving out the best parts.

Yeah… I’m not a licensed forensics detective or anything, but I think the problem was that the woman was drunk out of her mind. That’s my working theory anyway.

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I’ve always been mystified as to why so many Americans are really aggressive on political stances. I’m Canadian and this kind of thing is pretty much unheard of here, at least where I live.

Just to be clear, the political thing was just idle speculation at home. No idea what actually set this drunken lady off. Obviously the alcohol lowered her inhibitions. But why did she attack Ms. Carney? Maybe Carney just called her out on being drunk? Maybe something nasty directed at a child?


I hope that woman isn’t the mother of some kid in that school. That would be absolutely mortifying.

I’d be surprised if she isn’t. The school is not exactly on the way to anywhere.

I think I’ll call mom tonite just to thank her for never peeing on the floor at my school.

What a nice son you are.

This other article says she does have a kid at the school. Her address listed in the article is just a short walk from the school, less than an eighth of a mile.

Reminds me of when I pulled a woman off of the street last winter and got an ambulance for her, as she was largely unstable, incoherent, and irrational. I told my mother about it, who speculated that maybe she had a bad reaction to insulin. No, mom, it was more likely a bad reaction to ethanol.

The principal’s note said they were both parents, right?

Or a short stumble, in this case.

that 'cause y’all have this polite thing to live up to. down here in the states… santa claus can get items thrown at him and booed.

I’m confused. Is the article saying that she urinated at some point between the arrest and being put in the patrol car, or is the article saying that from the time of the arrest to the time she was put in the patrol car. Because the latter, while probably possible given a short enough distance to the car, seems unusually extended.

Well, ya gotta remember, she was pissed off! :smiley:

She’s better off than the officers, then…they’re probably pissed on…