DVD / Bluray behavior

I’ve been buying a lot of DVDs and Bluray disks recently due to COVID. One disk in about 50 (a guess) has a fault or is dirty or something. When the program gets to the fault, it stops. OK I understand that. Why can’t the player be programmed to (in order of preference)
a) skip ahead 5 seconds and continue
b) let me use the menu button to go back and select a new show
c) let me use the eject button to put in a new disk.

The only thing I seem to be able to do is turn off the player, eject the disk, and turn it back on again.

They could be, but it sounds like what you’ve discovered is that there’s a bug in the software that runs your player.

Bad input data should not cause the software to hang/crash, but of course it is easier to write software with bugs like that than without them.

Thanks for the reply. I get this problem on two completely different players. I’d try it on my computer but I don’t have a BluRay reader on it. Does no one else have this happen?

I’ve seen this occasionally on my players. I’ve also seen evidence professionally that this is a hard problem to test.

I write software, and years ago I visited a customer that, among other things, built and sold CD/DVD drives for computers. In their testing lab they had a huge pile of garbage discs. They were warped, dirty, cracked, scraped. All manner of abuse. And they kept those around to test drives against because they had all caused problems in the past.