DVD player question - shouldn't they save your place?

Just got a new Blu-Ray player and it’s doing something strange. It doesn’t save my place.

I got my first DVD player about 15 years ago. If I was watching a movie and stopped in the middle, turned it off completely (but still plugged in) and started it up again at a later time it would resume from where I left off.

This new player doesn’t seem to do that. It always starts as if the disc was being put in for the first time. Is this normal? Or do I need to tweak settings somewhere?

If you had to guess, would you say this was a cheap, middle-of-the-road, or high-end blu-ray player? If you got a terrific deal on a brand you’ve never seen before, they might have cut a few corners to break even.

We did this within the last 6-8 months & there were some good answers. Try searching.

I am clueless about DVDs. What I recall reading in the thread is there are two different internal file formats that are commonly used to record Blu-rays. For one of them there’s no way to restart in the middle. For the other there is. So how the player behaves depends on the disc. Or something like that.

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Sometimes they can be quirky. My portable DVD player saves in place if I directly turn it off but restarts at the beginning if I press the stop button before turning it off.

Yup, my first DVD player would not only save your place when you stopped, it would save your place on discs you removed as well, so that you could restart from the place you left off any time you put the disc back into the player (not sure how many discs it would remember like that, last 20 comes to mind for some reason). If you actually wanted to start from the beginning, you had to hit the stop button twice to force it to forget the last location.

Blu-Ray discs, though, seem to like doing a “fresh boot” every time you start the player up, which is kinda sad. It’s another example of new technology losing functionality.

Here’s Peremensoe’s answer from a previous thread:

I have an older but high-end Pioneer Blu-Ray player. It saves my place on DVDs. It does not for Blu-Ray discs. Don’t know how that fits with post #6. I have played dozens of Blu-Ray discs and never once has it been able to save the place.

Some do and some don’t. My current Region 1 player (which only plays DVD from the US) doesn’t remember a thing, but I did have previous ones that would start again at the point where we’d stopped.

My Region Free player (which plays DVD from all over the world) on the other hand, is very cool; I can stop a DVD and pop it out, play other DVDs, and then put the first DVD back in, and it picks up right where we left off. I haven’t tested how long it remembers, but I’ve come back to a movie weeks later and the player still knows where it stopped the last time I played it.

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