DVD Digital cable and 8 inch floppies oh my

Hey guys I have several questions that i’ve been holding back for a while here goes…

  1. Can anyone explain if I can hook up my DVD player through my digital cable box, and how to see a picture? I’ve had the guys at the cable company explain it twice, and so far it hasn’t worked, or I’m stupid.

  2. I recently purchased a business and it has a lot of inventory. I found some old disk which say “Inventory” (8.5 inch floppies) on it, are there companies that might be able to retreive the data form them?

  1. Through your cable box? Why?

  2. Yes.

  1. I have my EC set up so that the cable is broadcast through the stereo. I also have a playstation and nintendo hooked to the input switches on the tv. It would be more convenient to use the video hook up on the cable box than removing the game connections when I want to watch a DVD, it would also allow me to use the stereo hook up in a similar fashion.

  2. Is it costly?

Somewhat expanded answers:

  1. If your DVD player has an antenna-in connector or a set of audio and composite video connectors you can hook your cable box to them and use the outputs from the DVD that you prefer. If you are trying to get around a lack of any input into your TV than the antenna-in you will need to buy an RF modulator from Radio Shack. If you have any inputs into your cable box besides the cable-in connector I would like to see it because I never have before. This is a good place for generic hookup drawings.

  2. Very few companies have used 8" floppies in the past twenty years. Twenty year old inventories may be interesting from a historical standpoint but probably of no business value. If you want to recover the data there are companies that will do it for a hefty fee but bear in mind that you very possibly lack the software needed to USE the data.

      • I dunno squat about the digital cable thing either.
  • The 8-inch floppy isn’t a big deal, just find somewhere that specializes in data recovery and call them up and ask. It shouldn’t cost all that much, because the disk isn’t particularly damaged. On the other hand, the data probably isn’t really of much practical use, it might be corrupted just due to time, and it probably can’t be read on any software you’ll find now.
  • I’d bet that if you asked around online you could find someone who could (ahem) send you a copy, just because desktop database and financial software from the <386/Z-80 era is rather small in size (a couple hundred Kbytes, maybe?) and isn’t sold anymore anyway. You might need a real DOS or other ancient OS to run it on however… …and maybe some old iron…

It has Audio In and Audio Out out as well as Video In.

By the way, thanks all for the advice. DougC I checked your link, it doesn’t help as it only shows for a standard analog cable box, not digital.

I hope it has at least two audio ins and outs or you have no stereo sound.

I’m guessing you have RCA connectors. The left connector is typically on the cable, the right is typically attached to the component as an input.

You want a cable like this, two wires for audio, one for video.

The next part is trickier. You have to find a control on the cable box (or better yet, on the wireless remote) that swithches between inputs – the cable signal, or the AV signal you’ve just established with your cable. The button is frequently “input”, but they’re always coming up with goofy names for common functions, so it might be called something else.

Assuming your cable box outlet works fine with your TV now, that’s all you should need.

Are you sure those aren’t 8" floppies? Just get a computer that can read them from ebay.com They don’t hold much.

For the digital box thing, did you get a manual? What is the make & model of the box?

AH HA! Boy George I think we might have got it. The people at cable were telling me to switch it to input, however I thought they meant the TV, which showed absolutely nothing. I have both of those connectors, my problem was the correct “input”. My remote has a thousand buttons one has to be it right? Wish me luck, I’ll experiment when I get home and report my progress.

Oh and sorry about that DougC, I misattributed a link to you actually provided by dropzone.

What brand of cable box is that? I’ll have to add it to my set of drawings.

General Instrument, if there is a model number on it I haven’t found it. It also says “Interactive Digital Communications” on it.

Boyo Jim So far I haven’t been able to make that work. The closest I come to “input” is “bypass” I’m not giving up yet though.

Ok, let’s clarify a couple of things.

Are you receiving cable ok now?

Do you tune channels using the cable box/remote or the TV tuner?

Is the cable box one of these?

Name the buttons on your remote (skip 1,2,3, etc.) :slight_smile:

The cable works fine. I use the cable remote, however the TV remote is capable of controlling the cable box when I can find it.

No it’s not one of those, or at least it doens’t look like it. The box is directly from Comcast, it looks a little larger than a VCR. You didn’t ask but it might help:
From Left to Right it has the following controls:

Guide, A Cursor with arrows Up, Dn, Rt, Lt, Info, Select, A/B, Channel Up/Down and power.

It also has in the center indicator lights for (top-down, left, right):
Messages, A/B
Remote, Power

On to the remote:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Setup (which seems to do nothing) Power
Audio, VCR, TV, Cable
Mute, Enter
Volume Up/Down Last
Fav Channel Up/Down (Last and Fav are actually between the two.)
Guide (list channel in oder) Exit (returns to picture)
Scroll buttons up/down/right/left surronding “Okay” (func. like enter)
Info, Menu
A, B, C
Underneath Cover at bottom
VCR type layout
Rew, Play, FF
Rec, Stop, Pause
help, Day-, Day+, TV/VCR
Bypass, A, B, C

With the remote in “Cable” mode, I’d take a guess at either the “TV/VCR” button or the Bypass stuff.


And you are sure the connectors are labeled “inputs” and not "outputs? My cable box has additional outputs, buy only one input, the cable itself. Well then…

It’s possibly one of the ABC buttons.

It’s possible that you have to step thru the MENU to find something like “input select”.

Other than those, I’m stumped. Start a DVD playing and hit every damn button til the picture switches.

No problem, thanks for trying.