Help the electronically ignorant -- PLEASE!

i’ve tried my best and have failed. can’t get audio or video.

come i now on bended knee to appeal to the best. you guys get to tell me whether i’m SOL and will have to buy a new tv (not. not worth the expense).

my Sanyo tv may be too old for this, but here’s the deal:

i’m trying to add a dvd player to my upstairs tv system. the dvd is an RCA and a fairly recent one. the issue is probably the tv, which only has the one ‘in from antenna’ connection. there are no other ports on the back of the tv, so the way things are currently set up is that the ‘in from antenna’ port is occupied by my digital cable.

it’s currently configured thusly: ‘incoming coaxial cable connected to the digital cable box, which is connected to the VCR (Optimus) which is connected to the TV.’

the vcr and the dvd both have the video/audio triple cable jacks. i suspect nothing is showing up on the tv because i’m not using the S video connection because i have nothing to plug it into *from * the dvd player.


see what i mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i integrate the dvd player into this mess? do i need some kind of adaptor box to simulate what i **don’t ** have on the television?

i await your wisdom.

Your TV is probably too old. You need an RF modulator.

The dvd going through the vcr will be scrambled as a copy protection device. You already have the cable using the jacks in the vcr anyway.You will have to get a rf modulator. There is no way around getting one other than buying a new tv. You will need a switch box to switch between the different inputs also, or you’ll have to do some cable changing to use a different device.

I would suggest a combo unit like this.
You can hook the cable into one input, the vcr into a second input, the dvd into a third input, and have a spare input for an additional device.

many thanks, you guys. :smiley:

your help is very much appreciated.

armed with your info, i’m off to Frye Electronics today to hunt down the above.

Did you get what you needed?

I would think the signal would pass through the VCR unless you tried to record it.

Some times it does, but usually it roles on the screen.