DVD Player Hook-Up Question

Hopefully not as stupid a question as the title may indicate:

I have an (presumable old) RCA TV with a grand total of one video signal input method: cable. I have a DVD player that I wish to hook up to this TV. Can it be done?

The particulars: the TV, as noted, has only the coaxial cable input. There are no aux video in ports, nor is there even a connection for an external antenna. The DVD player has s-video out, standard video-out and bitstream video out. Does an adapter of some sort exist that would allow one of the DVD player’s video out methods to hook up to the TV’s cable thingy? If so, are they easy to find? If not…well, shucks.

You’ll need a device calle an RF modulator. This takes the baseband audio/video (red, whith and yellow) from the DVD player and converts it to an RF output on channel 3 or 4 for the TV. They can be had from $15 to $30 at larger electronics retailers.

What you need is an RF modulator. You can get a cheap one here. Just connect up the video (and sound if needed) cables in one end and a standard co-ax cable on the other.

Check the back of your VCR (if you have one) for the baseband audio/video (red, white and yellow). You can conect it through there as well.

I got one at Wal Mart for around $25. Mine is a 4-way, so I have the VCR & DVD hooked up to it now. There are 4 buttons, #1 for the DVD, #2 for the VCR, and I assume I can hook up an audio system to it as well as a video game system. Very easy stuff…

Connection through a VCR doesn’t work in most cases due to the AGC being messed up by the Macrovision copy protection embedded in most DVDs.

Thanks muchly! I figured something like that should exist, I just didn’t know what they were called. Now I know what I must do…

I have no idea what that means but I know it works for me.

Good luck DF.