DVD movies available for download

I’m looking for suggestions on any sites that have DVD movies available for download. Do these even exist?

Illegal, or “legal only in Russia” sites need not be mentioned!

Well, there’s this service that uses a high-bandwidth (~230 kBps*) but high-latency protocol called USPS. The service is called NetFlix. :wink:
*Assuming it takes 24 hours to ship two 9.4-GB disks.

There are some (old/classic and public domain) feature-length movies available in the “moving pictures” section of archive.org. These are freely downloadable.

Is that available in Australia?

Good one, very clever! [snort, chuckle]

http://www.cinemanow.com/..needs IE
This may bde on it’s way…


Here’s one in Oz…


Many more out there.

I heard on the news that one of the studios - Universal? - is going to start selling downloadable movies online soon.

There’s constant rumor that iTunes will be expanding into this soon. Hopefully it won’t be ipod video resolution like their TV shows, though. :rolleyes:

Sorry, didn’t realize you were in Australia. In case it wasn’t clear, my post was a joke - NetFlix is a DVD rental service that sends DVDs by mail. I don’t know if there is such a service in Australia.

I just had a look at the BigPond site mentioned by One amoung many. They provide movies either by post or for download.

I don’t know about Australia, but keep in mind that outside the US parts of the collection can fall into the “legal only in Russia” category. Perhaps it isn’t a real problem in your jurisdiction, but it might be a good idea to check that.

There is an Australian equivalent to Netflix, the SMH DVD library. I can testify they’ve been very good and fast.

Is there anything interesting available through Creative Commons?


Back to downloadable movies. Is it normally possible to copy them onto a DVD so they can be read by a stand-alone DVD player?